What Is Capable with a Couple of Videos

We don’t carry a year enjoying the dual core processors and manufacturers such as Nvidia are already getting long teeth with the quad-core and devices such as the Prime Transformer. Back in the day we saw what was capable with Glowball and DaVinci THD.
While we wait for that Asus Tablet reach Spain and we can check on our own What is this new processor capable videos still appear. Do you remember Shadowgun? NVIDIA has adapted the play, you can watch the video at the beginning of the post, and the result is spectacular.
If we know a little, the guys at Android And Me brings us a video with several demos of games optimized for Tegra 3. Technically, as you can see below, they paint very well. However, we will see what happens with all those users who decided to purchase a dual core device.
Will it fall in the Tegra 2, Tegra 3 for oblivion? Time has just passed and the dual-core has only received a few games optimized for this processor. Perhaps, as some mentioned still missing large-calibre who are capable of squeezing the hardware of Android developers. Time will tell, but we hope that they remember us.