What is a Jegging Jean


We are left with a new outfit and a new piece that joined my closet during the recent sales: the jegging or if you prefer jogging but in more class (Finally, if you want). Seen for several seasons but for myself I started to enjoy it since last year and still, I leaned more on the models of the summer to wear upturned with sandals, I found it more feminine. Is that since this winter that I wanted to get it, I found this one at Mango and I especially fell for its color but also its honeycomb texture, its stretch actually very comfortable one-piece so ideal to wear Pajamas (I know, I tried ^^). For me especially the question of the association including shoes arose, I was sure that none of my pumps could not go with such parts, I was completely deceived as the Doc Martens seem to be perfect for this kind of pants, just like sneakers. Anyway, I (finally) left some respite at my old jeans to turn to much more cool pants, I’m even a black which I will present you in a future article! 😉
And you, what do you think of the jeggings and loose/wide pants in general