What Equipment Against the Cold?

As any practice cycling in difficult conditions, biking when it’s cold requires some preparation. To be well equipped in the face of low temperatures, he must first protect the upper body: choose a shirt long-sleeved thermal material, in cotton, and in case of great cold underwear, a windproof jacket that will preserve you the frost. For the bottom, feel free to choose a good pants, both flexible and close to the body: leggings will do so very well. Finally, choose the comfort by wearing a good pair of tights or shorts that retain heat.

What To Wear At The Ends?

The body now protected, consider now the ends: the tips of the fingers or toes that are often the first victims of the cold. Indeed, the cooling causes a drop in blood flow which in effect give a tingling sensation in the tips of the fingers never pleasant. To combat this, remember to take with you good insulating gloves. For the feet, get a pair of socks membranees you can combine with a pair of sur-chaussures. Finally, remember the face and do not hesitate to opt for a hood in case of cold weather.

What Accessories Against Cold?

Clothes are sometimes not enough to protect you from the cold, so you need some accessories to complete your equipment, according to commit4fitness. In addition to gloves and socks already mentioned, you can of course equip you a CAP that you can slide under your helmet. There are several models of different materials, such as lycra or fleece. Also consider scarf which, better than a scarf, will keep your neck warm and keep it pretty quiet.

A Few Good Reflexes To Know

Cycling in the cold is sometimes difficult and know a few tips can help. It is therefore very useful to do a warm-up, in the manner of the great athletes, before you get on your bike. Also, think of your fuel and you moisturize adapted to your practice: even if it does not, sweating is also important in winter than in summer, and so water is just as important.

Security, Always Focus On

Biking when it’s cold, especially in the heart of winter, involves certain important safety rules. Indeed, during this period, it is dark and so you need to stay well visible. Allows you to equip yourself with a flashlight rechargeable or from the classic reflective armband. Remember also to ride in the middle on the poorly lit roads: you show potential motorists that you are present.

Tips From The Coach

Before the great periods of cold, consider making your bicycle, including lubricating the chain or by checking the tire pressure.