What does the iWatch Do

Apple understand their business. They know how to create hit products. They know how to pack and then how to “mad” audience. Not surprisingly, quite IT analysts argue that the resurgence in the segment of smart watches in the past two years happened after “sprout” Internet rumors and shy (at the expense of controlled) release of information from the corporation to develop something on the subject, which will bear as the apple logo of apple. The thing even given a name – iWatch , but actually do not know whether it exists. And the obsession began.

Apple iWatch Concept

The smart watch Apple’s device, which all speak for some time, but still no one has seen. Lack of sufficient information on the subject is a breeding ground for all kinds of “experts”, analysts, conceptual designers, techno-seers, yellow IT media, etc. This year, the information wave iWatch even become a tsunami. The obsession is great. Flooded us and maddeningly daily amount concepts – ugly, beautiful, logical and morons. Slid suspicious or “secret” scanned documents, patents, drawings, information from insiders, peer gossip. Even if there were sites devoted solely to iWatch (if then does not say so, they will need new domain. Probably the worst in the whole situation is a situation of “hardcore” fenoveta of Apple, which are rubbing their increasingly nervous hands (and wallets) in anticipation of a new cult and “Fashion” widget, but specific information from the laboratories of the giant still no and no. this article will reflect the many facts, rumors, speculation, frank nonsense, fiction and logical assumptions that circulate around waiting and possibly “segment-defining” product of Apple. If you are new curiosity will add them over time. First we will start with “serious” IT analysts and izsledovateli markets already estimated sales of Apple iWatch, and profits of the corporation. According to these experts, iWatch would cost $ 299 (we saw the price of 1000+ dollars) and would bring 18 billion dollars in revenue for its first year on sale. For this purpose they should be realized 58 million LED sports watches according to centralledwatch.com.
Another analysis does note that Apple had about $ 11 billion “unexplained” capital expenditures for 2014, which “naturally” had gone to development of iWatch. The same trends were noticed in costs over the years just before the release of icons such as iPod, iPhone and iPad.
Next information was in favor of the assumption of real work smarter clock of Apple, was tvardenieton of CEO-it Tim Cook that there will be a new product category in Apple’s range in 2014. Tim Cook was often spoken and sympathy to portable electronics.
Most diverse rumors about these technical parameters of the iWatch. Here are some of them.
iWatcn would:
have built and bent solar layer in the display panel (and he bent) to charge the device when light falls on it:
to charge wirelessly with magnetic induction;
To use the new flexible glass Willow Glass of Corning (maker of Gorilla Glass for iPhone), which can be wrapped around things like wrist. But this technology it’ll have to be ready for the market until 2016.
To charge by the rotation of the battery wrist (Apple had a patent for several years) or kinetics;
Have a flexible battery (it had a patent) or a new advanced battery layers of LG;
Use gentle vibration to wake you up owner;
provide heart attacks;
To measure blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, hydration of the body. This would to it with the help of a mysterious photoelectric sensor, seen somewhere patents;
Calculate steps, calories spent, distance;
Is waterproof and even swim measured objectives;
To protect against sunburn and to remind medical events;
have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor;
Not to own phone, but will allow for phone calls through the connected device;
Be donated to iPhone 6. Absolutely not. With these options the price can can cause the opposite.
Be offered not in one but in two sizes. Perhaps male and female designs.
To replace the iPod, whose sales steadily declined;
There will be music capabilities and will be able to manage music on other devices;
Then this (Google Now) is the power at rival Android Wear.
have refined and lightweight design to be as close as possible to standard chasovnitsie worn for many years
It is aimed at high-end luxury technology where profits are higher. Globally, 85 percent of the tens of billions in annual revenue from the sale of standard watches came from products priced over $ 500. But still, it would not be correct iWatch is more expensive than the iPhone.
The processor of smartwatch-a to Apple would be co-processor M7 The , known from iPhone 5s (iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 with Retina; M7 e presented in September 2013) because the factories had already raised steam and there was enough produced M7-s. This co-processor known that economically collect and carcass data from integrated sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, compass), while the central A7 rest. It is logical that they be delivered and to iWatch, which will be “jammed” with sensors.
Here are some internet information which should support allegations of real development and even “right now” started production.
Apple talking with companies for biometric recognition and fitness trackers. We can see straight and purchases. They are met and US health authorities. Apple e hire experts on sleep, experts in heart rate, oxygen saturation of the blood, blood pressure, doctors and other. Screenshot from iOS 8 confirms upcoming smart watch of Apple, because there was an application icon named Watch Utility. In clock work, but still there were technical problems with the battery charging method, the size, the cost of production, etc.
More “more informed” media even now explore the production line. The clock would be assembled by Quanta Computer, the chips will be manufactured by Richtek Technology, and sapphire touch panel or the flexible AMOLED display of TPK. According to other sources, the screens will come from LG, Foxconn and another in 2013. 1,000 were produced test pieces. The processor you would be “Designed by Apple”, but “made in Samsung”.
Many of the above true and false information directed to the conclusion that the iWatch will be quite heavily concentrated on health and sports functions. With all its biometric sensors, monitoring vital parameters of the wearer, it can be powered application Healthbook, which is expected to be part of iOS 8. Another issue is how healthy electronics that 24 hours standing on your hand and radiates something.
There must be some truth in the statement that the passage of smart watches in the new market stage due to the suspicion that Apple will participate. All remember that Apple has already been done with smartphones and the iPhone. On the other hand, a famous IT journalist was even more extreme with the opinion, like the expression “Clock or end.” According to him, something revolutionary (and most particularly clever clock) from Apple this year, would mean the end of the tale of the giant from Cupertino. Too extreme, but Apple as a global technology leader, have no right gaps. We have not yet seen a single successful model truly global smart watch that cause the interest of the general public. Pebble, Samsung, Sony and more small and large lit factories, but few will take big pieces of cake. These competitors even longer sell the second generation of its products. Announcement of LG (G Watch) and Motorola (Moto 360) they instantly grabbed the interest of the audience. However, many believe that Apple will be the first made ​​the big breakthrough with a mature product. No hurry especially in May It is probably more reliable information. The popular Swiss manufacturer of not-so-smart watches Swatch e taken legal measures to curb Apple’s use of the name iWatch. Swatch already have a similar iSwatch not want buyers to be confused. They’ll probably understand by “some money”. Meanwhile, Apple has kept iWatch in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and Turkey. They can do proactively to no avail any speculator of their popularity. Two small companies are already ahead of him in the United States and Britain. Either they understand money, or these small businesses have the corporation.
Interesting: Analysts believe that Nike closed its products NIKE + FUELBAND, to make room for the product of your pals Apple. Along with jobs in fields close to developing a smart watch, Apple are gone and some of the hardware team Fuelband. Nike, they left only the software department, which will continue to develop their mobile applications athletes.
Even more interesting: There insight that actually iWatch could be the name of a new TV to Apple. Ha, it makes sense!
Gizmoera verdict: Probably things in smart wearable technology, or at least smart watches will pobushuvat some time and will gradually settle down to resemble one moment exactly the situation with smartphones. Small producers will try their hand at first, but will have a chance only in hardware engineering. At some point, the lack of a software ecosystem of applications will force them to move into one of the camps where you have to obey any of the mastodon. There will be a rich hardware-software ecosystem around Android Wear, a small community about Tizen, sole ecosystem of Apple’s (sole hardware and operating system and controlled but open App Store), and less ambitious platform about becoming neodotsenenite (mobile technologies) Microsoft’s. If you participate, Apple will enter the market relatively late on. Pomegranate. Wearable (portable) devices, but this is Apple. Neat things, especially from the design. Hopefully understand something at least in the autumn, when it is expected much more reliable iPhone 6.