What Do I Do When the Mobile Network Message Is Unavailable?

If you have an Android smartphone, you probably know that your mobile network can become unavailable at the most inconvenient times. There are a number of reasons why this can happen but most of the time, the issue is not as complex and can be resolved immediately following the simple steps.

What Do I Do When the Mobile Network Message Is Unavailable

If you receive a “Mobile network not available” message, the problem may be caused by a weak or missing signal in your area, by the SIM card being depleted or lost, or if you have forgotten the airplane mode setting. What can you do?

Disable Airplane Mode when mobile network unavailable

Find the Airplane Mode option in Settings or by pulling the notifications drawer by turning it off. In some situations, you may end up activating airplane mode without realizing it, which disconnects your device from any and all networks. You might even forget your smartphone in airplane mode if you had low battery power and wanted to economize.

Mobile network not available due to hardware hardware issues

It may be that your battery is overheated or otherwise damaged, so changing it may help to solve the problem. Turn off your smartphone, remove the battery, and insert a new one. After turning the phone back on, you will not see the same error message.

Alternatively, you can try turning the device off to remove the battery and SIM card, wait a few minutes, and then put them back. Then turn the phone on and verify that it works correctly or not.

Sometimes your smartphone may skip a setting that, in turn, causes the network outage error. In this case, you should install a battery saver or a long-running battery app for Android. After accessing the application, turn off the mobile network and click to activate battery saving. Then go back to the mobile network and finally uninstall the battery saver.

How to resolve mobile network unavailable by automatically finding?

Browse your Android phone settings, go to “mobile networks” in your “Wireless network” settings, click on “network operators” and select “automatically”. This setting will automatically fetch the carrier, providing network access with ease and without the problem.

Test your signal to check the network error

If you still can not solve the problem, your radio signal may be transmitted incorrectly. Open a test menu by dialing * # * # 4636 # * # *. When the menu is visible, select “phone information” and run the ping test. Then select GSM Auto (PRL) from the drop-down list, and then “turn off the radio”, and then restart.

Update your smartphone to avoid network issues

If you have not yet received the mobile network message, try updating your smartphone software. Try to access the “About the device” section in the settings and select “Software update” and “Check for update.” Updates can also improve the performance of your device and even help in battery saving.

Restore your phone to factory settings

An alternative to the upgrade is to do a factory reset: go back to the settings menu, click “backup and reset” and select “factory reset”. Note that performing a factory reset will delete all the programs and applications you have on your mobile phone. So, use this method only as a last step to solve any problem with your Android.

Have you ever had the network problem unavailable? How did you solve it?