What Boots Fit You?

Finding the right shoes for fall is a not altogether easy task. The importance of shoes of good quality will be additional tangible which often means a slightly higher price tag. In addition, the shoe comply with all requirements of design and form. 
To provide some inspiration,  homosociety today will introduce a number of different boots. What is your favorite model?
Jodhpur Charles Tyrwhitt (approx. 2250 ad)–Jodhpur is a skotyp originally eat meant for riders, but which today are just as valued for everyday use.
Desert Boot Alfred Sargent (approximately 2330 kr)-Filip wrote yesterday about Clark Orginals classic desert boot. This is a little more dressed up variant that is equally suited to costume as jeans. This skotyp is often called also for Chukka Boots.
Loake 1880 (ca 1950 kr)–Boots with laces is a fairly common feature of many of this year’s autumn Collections. This variant with more lantlivs lapel pin flower exude luxury than high-fashion.
Crockett & Jones Chelsea Boots (approx. $3820, Robert Old) – Chelsea Boots are a timeless classic that in law execution and with good quality can serve as a cornerstone in your shoe closet for decades. Therefore, it may be worth adding a little extra to get a solid manufactured footwear. Here from Crockett & Jones.
Military boot Surface to Air (approx. $1229, Yoox.com)–The rough military boot fits a more casual casual wear fabulous and also retains pretty much beating.
Boot Rizzo (1795)–Here a little more dressed up variant from Rizzo.
Hunter Wellies (approx. 715 kr, wellie-boots.com)–there is no doubt that the wellies are unbeatable practical when the rain pours down. However, the boot is stylistic value quite underestimated and a neat twist that these traditional Hunters can combine both elegance with usefulness.
Riding boots Fagliano -riding boots for guys for living provides probably many the impression that the person being cared for at the end title for incurable pheasant gluttony and politically incorrect views on fox hunting. It’s really difficult shoes to wear out, but oh neat, for those who succeed. Here a variant from Prince Charles’s favorite Argentine Fagliano, which unfortunately does not offer any sales over the internet.
Bally Curling boots (approximately £ 2995)–Curling boot is another classic shoe model that combines stylish design with comfort and usability.