What Bikinis Will Be More Popular This Summer?

If there is a trend that is hogging all the bathing suits, bikinis and trikinis for most brands bath collections that is the geometric trend. You do not know what we are talking about?
Last year a brand gave the starting gun to one of the most followed recent trends, bikinis of geometric patterns with fabric with neoprene type. That brand, called Triangl, has its origin in the paradise and surfy Australian beaches, and was the creator of most desired when bikini, in his word of honor or triangle version.
Years ago designers more pioneers, as Alexander Wang or Balmain, already climbed neoprene on the catwalk, creating an enormous stir. But what the geometric trend? Black contours, fabric of neoprene and electric colors that are more than 1 km, including pink, yellow, Orange, blue or neon green as the most prominent.
Sounds good, right? That same thought half the world, that has not stopped look this type of bikinis since they appeared. They also have an added value, and it is that they are very flattering, since the mythical black bands of the outline are very elastic and adapt perfectly to all types of bodies.
The most desirable always also becomes the most cloned, so very quickly begin to see in stores an infinite number of models similar to this original creation that combines this geometric pattern and the fabric of neoprene. The first great brand that cloned these designs was the best Victoria’s Secret, which have followed many bikini stores low cost such as Oysho, H & M, Women’s Secret, white Suite.
Now you’re ready to look sexy and sporty East summer. Beaches and pools already have surrendered to them, so do not hesitate and added a bikini of geometric style to your wish list and give the nail on the head.