Westwing Guide to Art Nouveau Table Lamp

A good design of decoration needs to contemplate several aspects, from the circulation in the room, airing, coziness and, mainly, the illumination, that must be thought in the smallest details to give the appearance desired by the resident of the house. For more romantic, inviting and delicious environments, the lamp is an item that can not be lacking in lighting. When choosing a piece like this, the art nouveau lampshade is an item that stands out.
Inspired by the French trend that emerged in Europe between the years 1890 and 1910, the art nouveau lamp explores materials such as iron and glass and features several stained glass and detailed details to beautify from a living room to a dormitory. Want to know more about the art nouveau lampshade? Westwing tells you details of this piece and helps you choose the best option. Check it!

Art Nouveau: Featured Iron And Glass

The essence of art nouveau is the concern with form, which must offer originality and reflect the ideals preached in the Second Industrial Revolution, exploring materials such as iron and glass, as we can see in the art nouveau lampshade.
This style stands out for privileging organic and natural forms, such as curved, delicate and asymmetrical lines. In architecture, art nouveau stands out for the abstract curves and use of stained glass, mosaics and hardware, as well as inspirations from nature, which can also be seen in the art nouveau lamp.

Identifying The Art Nouveau Table Lamp

If you want to have a piece of these in your home, but do not know how to identify it, here are some things to look for:
Application of materials such as iron, metal, wood, stones and glass;
The art nouveau lamp has curved, wavy and asymmetrical lines, with details that emphasize the aesthetics of the piece;
Curvilinear elements are also part of an art nouveau lamp, which can even receive applications with designs made of metal, for example.

How To Combine The Art Nouveau Table Lamp

A lampshade inspired by the art nouveau style is undoubtedly a piece to draw attention in a room. Have you thought about putting that item on a corner table in the living room ? Your moments of rest and reading will be much more enjoyable!
We recommend that you invest in classic pieces and more elaborate furniture to match the style of the stylish lighting: art nouveau lamp, which can be made in the floor lamp or floor lamp version.
Versions of art nouveau lampshade with beads detailing, flower and bird designs are perfect for beautifying a nightstand and yet offer a more intimate lighting in their moments of rest.
An office also gets very well the art nouveau lampshade, especially if it contains more classic pieces such as leather armchairs and solid wood tables.
Elegant, refined and full of history, the art nouveau lamp is a piece that adds much warmth and beauty to any environment. It is worth investing in this item and enjoying all the wonders that only an accessory like this can bring you!