Wedding Jewelry Tips

Already know which jewels will use at the wedding? Check out the tips of the jewelry design Carol Bassi not to err on the big day

It’s not just a wedding dress. The accessories are very important part of the composition of the look. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and garlands are elements that leave the most beautiful brides! But how do you know which jewelry for wedding wear on the big day?
The tip of the jewelry design, hawthornereviews, is know to combine the jewels with the dress. “The big secret is to work the different possibilities with delicacy and harmony, without lose the balance,” said Carol. If your dress is simpler, can abuse the jewelry and accessories. Now, if he’s more prepared, better if contain a little more!
It is important to remember that you have to have balance and learn to compose the pieces. But also accessories need not match each other, it is necessary to have harmoniosidade as Carol told us! An example of combination is to use long earrings with powerful applique on the back of the hair, as in the photo below.
Another piece of jewelry that brides love is the Crown. It’s her day, so why not look like a Princess? In this case, the hairstyle is also super important! And you can’t forget the balance! When using a Crown, one should opt for a smaller one earring and necklace can also be dismissed. See also hair tips, international trends.
You can’t forget, too, to find gems that don’t bother you! As a bracelet can hold on your dress, or an earring that is larger than you’re used to. The recommended is to choose the jewels as did with the dress! Stay on top of details of a contemporary bride!