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The semiraccolto is the perfect hairstyle for those looking for a romantic look for your wedding day, a chic touch to the hair of the bride dreamer and that is well suited to many different styles. Very highly recommended to those who have the hair long, the semiraccolto can be developed in various hairstyles, from the simplest to the most elaborate. The important thing is that this kind of look remains soft on the shoulders, which gives value to your hair, decorating it with accessories and small precious items referring to makeup and clothes. The semiraccolto is suitable for both those looking for a DIY look at both those who love the most sought after styles and elaborate, unique for the big day.
So many different semiraccolti for your wedding
How can it be a semiraccolto for the bride? The trend hairstyles this year are really original , it is important to determine well what kind of look you seek. Most combine elaborate braids and curls to create a massive effect, with soft hair on his shoulders but twisted properly. Curl the hair is a very useful trick to give that touch of chic and romantic, which conceals any hair out of place in the wedding day. A popular trend in recent years and in vogue among the stars is the low ponytail or asymmetric, which enables you to have the hair in order without giving up the volume and softness. Remember that despite the semiraccolto it suits more to the long hair, if you have a short or medium cutting can create low bun or braided hairstyles to crown your head with style. A very important detail for your wedding hairstyle is the accessory. The flower clips are obviously the most popular, but also rhinestones, pearls and small precious items are not lacking. The semiraccolto goes very well with both small accessory is the most visible, like hats , crowns and diadems, and you can easily adapt to wedding veils of any size. Related: The Best Hair Colors for Fall (
Styles for your hairstyle
To decide which type of semiraccolto for you, keep in mind your wedding style and adapted to the context of the foliage. One of the most suitable hairstyle soft styles is the chic Country, as just a soft braid on the shoulders or a simple semiraccolto to combine with colorful flowers and wreaths. Same goes for the hippie style, right in the mood of the Seventies, which often takes her hair down, but that does not give up braids and natural crowns. For more traditional brides, the semiraccolto vaporous weaves decorated with lights up her face and is well suited to the occasion. If your wedding is a day of good taste or vintage, opt for low tails or soft chignon, which combined with a short or medium cut will give you the look you want.