Wedding Cake Polka Dots

Wedding cake polka dots, the most original ideas for a unique wedding cake that will leave your guests speechless. Let yourself be carried away by the imagination and choose a wedding cake artistry and original, with many balls. A custom creation tailored according to your tastes and prepared only with fresh ingredients and first choice!
The cake for your wedding is a very important detail to make your day special. Will be the protagonist of the banquet of sweets and cut must be absolutely in the foreground. There are many ideas for wedding cakes, original and creative. You can be inspired, for example, to the masterpieces of World Pastry teacher: Peggy Porschen cakes, but that does not create true works of art to make your special day. First make sure to match the style of your wedding cake perfectly.
All the details are designed precisely to create an atmosphere in keeping with the theme chosen for the wedding. If you have a white dress with black details, you can opt for a polka dot cake “black and white” that will ensure an elegant effect.
The polka dot wedding cake has always been fashionable. You can choose it with more varied tastes, from classical chantilly creams, to those more details as lemon, berries, hazelnut, Chocolate Fudge. Among the many valuable ideas we suggest a model of layered colourful polka-dot cake perfect for a glamorous ceremony and youthful. Otherwise you can direct you to the classic wedding cake, super romantic and jaunty, composed of several layers of concentric circles decorated with flowers and polka dots.
Beautiful and tasty even those made with a romantic heart shape, with geometric structures on different floors or with spirals, while keeping the base the theme of polka dots. But even torte plywood, decorated with gold or silver dots that create an effect of light and color for an even more valuable. Or put on a polka dot cake completely white, rich praline chocolate round, for a wedding that is very reminiscent of the 1950s, or a model with super colorful polka dot decorations for bridal original. The more experienced bakers will have no trouble creating the cakes very chic, perfect for a special wedding or traditional. The important thing is to play with colors and with so many fancy decorations that give life to a polka dot wedding cake treated in detail. The result is a true work of art.
We see in the Photo Gallery , the the most original goddesses for a unique wedding cake polka!