Wear Your Sleeping Bag

What did not invent people! Besides, even for business! I have seen all sorts of bizarre things in his life, but never cease to surprise.

Here, for example, sleeping bag, which can be dressed. Right, get dressed. It is not only convenient zipper pull and relax “comfortable” in a tent, should you such tight. However, you know, babies love to be in a tight diapers, perhaps as we grow up something drags us towards a more tight.
So, sleeping bag. It is similar to the garment and wear it will feel like an astronaut. Whatever happened while Spink tent you can exit quickly out and imagine you will not be cold because it will carry a sleeping bag wearing.
On the website of the manufacturer this unusual sleeping bag is advertised with the words: “The only unpleasant moment when you sleep in a sleeping bag is when your income to the toilet. To solve these problems had created new Selk’bag. It is designed so that it follows the curves of the human body and is designed to free movements during sleep and when not sleeping – something traditional sleeping bags can not offer.”
Good! This clear, except that do not mention how this sleeping bag I solved the problem with “only unpleasant moment”.