Ways to Wear Head Jewelry

The headband has emerged as the new fetish girls it after the patch or the headband. Forget the headbands from your childhood, ugly, wide, sometimes too simple looking. This year they are female are all possible ways to show off like a bird of day or night! This will be your asset mode to enhance any hairstyle.

During the day, mesdames ladies prefer models rather comfortable and easy to tune, and why not boilerplate, they can be covered with fabrics, leather, printed… In the evening, or for an event, choose a gem version with pearls, Rhinestones, chains… very modern and refined, it will highlight your feminine side.
Now, it does not serve only to retain your mane back to clear you your face, but it turns out that it is now an article that all fashionistas snapped. Choose it depending on your style and discover all our tips for fine hair with this accessory that fits just as well in the short, medium and long hair.
What hairstyles do with a headband?
The headband you choose to will bring out your natural grace, or in another sense your rather whimsical side. Get it right is so important! Of course everything depends on the style you want to adopt, but also of the hairstyle that you will display.
You have a classic style of dress and shoulder-length hair, you can try the total style “preppy” schoolgirl, by having it near the front on a loose cut either straight or curly. For more sophistication, for an evening for example you can also wear it on a nice bun bun or ponytail high, very classy. For a bloated and textured effect you will not forget to create the volume on the top of your head backcombing your roots with a comb in the opposite direction of the hair.
Our advice : If you have a straight fringe know that it is the only way to wear that suits you, if you have a fringe style lock any way go you.
You have long and wavy hair, you can wear the headband Bohemian way, IE with some wavy strands sticking on the sides to give you a false look neglected. Patterns that will go well with your wavy, curly or curly mane are rather broad patterns that will hold your mass, or just as well in version tiara that will just gently land on your head.
Our Tip: for girls hair volume important, should opt for a wide tissue model or any other other glamorous material, if it is too thin will be lost in your hair and will not adequately highlighted.
For all those who want to play little princesses of the Upper East Side, you’re going to need a headband who knows how to honor the noble materials such as silk or satin. You can opt for a beautiful dark color model wearing a silk or satin knot grod. You will set it at the top of the head with pride, such a Crown. The appropriate hairstyle can be a very nice well disciplined low bun, or a beautiful braid on the side. You can also make a braid to several branches.
Our Tip : for a wedding, a cocktail or an event, match your evening dress with your wallet, worn with a scarf on the shoulders, your accessory will make its effect with the crowd.
Note that short hair very well wear the headband, the proof image with The ravishing Victoria Beckham who highlights perfectly, in his hair cut short boyish way. We love the work and structured the Cup, when it is laid in on the center of its skull such a simple headband and there art to modernize her hairstyle with style!
Our advice : to structure such a hairstyle, take you of a wax walnut and smooth the strands around on your head for a wise effect or put into battle them for an effect a little more crazy.
Tips on how to put the headband
Put a headband in her hair is not always easy when there is no habit, that’s so some small subtleties that will help you to well place to get perfect hairstyles. Indeed, when you want a little beauty, it can quickly become the accessory that makes the difference and nothing to spoil to the table, this will be done in no time.
In order to put forward your femininity, you can let your curls cascading, if you’re not naturally curly you can choose to make pretty ringlets with a curling or straightening iron. However, do well to use a protective lotion or spray to feed your rug and avoid that she don’t is damaged because of the heat of the iron. For girls looking for natural products, we recommend Grapeseed Oil which is appropriate in the case of dry and damaged hair and protect your scalp.
The must – have is to coordinate with your shoes, handbag or outfit, recalling a few touches of color, you will see your look will seem a lot more work. For example, with pastel or the flashy colors, fashion if you opt for a green jean of water, you can easily adopt a somewhat broad headband in tissues in the same shade. You will be stack in the trend of the moment between sharp colors, soft or nuanced.
And Yes, he also knows to evolve with the times and he dresses color and print trends that change with the seasons. As you can see in this article, the latter is worn at every opportunity. The only time where you can put anything on your head, that’s when taking photos for your official documents: identity card, passport… You must have bare-headed, IE without hat, scarf, jewelry fantasy or any other decorative object.
Headband that hurts: our tips
A major drawbacks of our good old headbands is that they cause some girls of the headaches. So often for some of you keep one for several hours or a whole day then becomes an ordeal. Just as certain pairs of sunglasses, but they can quickly become uncomfortable accessories. It is for this that many women abandoned the idea to put long. Know that there are now tips so that you have more pain to the head late in the day.
In most cases be reassured ladies, there are today in the trade of specific materials that don’t cause headaches. You will find for example on our shop templates flexible plastic that exercise only very little pressure behind your ears. Those fabric will be easier to take than the more rigid metal. If still it is impossible to keep your headband for several hours, then in this case we recommend to use elastic headbands, with their elastics the pressure will be low or non-existent. If you want to know how to enhance your mane with a headband, go to this page Council.
Our Tip: to avoid this kind of problem, we recommend that you place it directly on your hair, not your skin, so the pressure will be weakened. It must at all costs avoid direct contact with the skin to not feel a any gene.