Waxed Trousers: Winter Trend

It Part-Pants Waxed
The 2012 winter hasn’t started yet, but the fashion trends for the coldest season of the year are already in every store in the country. Are many more parts you want, however some are highlighted by the originality and, above all, beautiful. Between these articles is the new pants “waxed”. Do you know?
No, she’s not a leather pants, although when viewed from a distance look a great resemblance. Waxed pants are made with a fabric type “jeans”, except that instead of receiving a color wash, receives a treatment that ensures this waxed appearance. This type of pants appears usually in the skinny model or, sometimes, in modeling “flare”, which is our old friend bell mouth.
The pants waxed is basic and bold at the same time, because despite being made with a very bold, modern appearance and diversified, the models are basic and the colors too. The most used color of pants waxed is black, it goes with everything, at all times. The pants waxed can be used both during the day as at night, to go to work, for example, combine it with shirts, shoes and purses big; already for the night, to go to a club, invest in income blouses or sparkles, with heel shoes & very high heels and purse wallet style.
In addition to the models of waxed trousers in black via Itypeauto, also there are some colored and metallic. That’s right, between the colorful highlights the “burgundy”, or Burgundy, for the Browns, who can replace the black. There’s still the metallic pants, which are super trend this winter. They appear in shades of gold, silver and copper, but beware, the pants waxed can have reflexes, so it is easier to invest in black or Brown, the metallised are quite bold and difficult to mount looks, in addition to fall better in women with long legs and good defined, not too thick, because the visual can be exaggerated.