Water Bottle for Office Use

You are looking for a OFFICE OF BOTTLE for sustainable use of water, tea, coffee or juice? Here is the broadest range of reusable water bottle offered on the Internet, more than 60 references to suit your needs.

Everyone is now aware that we must limit our consumption of plastic, be it plastic bottle, plastic bottle of fountain, plastic cups. The reusable bottle made its appearance on the market for some time, it is a completely object trend in the US since already many years.
What types of office bottles for what use?
There are many types of reusable water bottles: bpa free plastic or bisphenol A, glass, stainless steel, insulated, with integrated tea filter with cover, etc. 25 cl to 1 liter, and even more, you will find the reusable bottle for you.
For the office, we recommend the glass bottle. This noble material keeps your drink in a healthy and sustainable container. These can be double glass walls or accompanied by a cover to keep the heat or cool your drink longer. These bottles are for the most customizable on behalf of a company.
Reusable plastic bottles without BPA are also a nice alternative. With or without cover, they allow you to take them anywhere without risk of breakage if dropped.These often have a contemporary graphic design for a single bottle.
Why not have an integrated tea filter? The Aquaovo brand such offers design thermos, from 25 to 50 cl, double glass walls with removable tea filter. This will allow you to brew your tea in the office and retain heat longer.
Reusable and customizable bottles:
Much of the reusable bottles are customizable to a company name as cool water bottles. It is possible to permanently mark a logo, slogan or any type of text. The water bottle design becomes a communication object, a unique corporate gift, original, ecological and design.