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Own a limited edition watch is a great privilege within the Haute Horlogerie, but what the Vacheron Constantin begins to offer its Brazilian customers goes far beyond the conquest of a numbered piece. With the inauguration, last October, his first boutique in Latin America, located at Shopping Cidade Jardim, Sao Paulo, the label brought Switzerland in your baggage the Atelier, a true watchmaking production Cabinotiers.
The Vacheron Constantin, since its origin in 1755, maintains its unique production, but it was in 2006 that this craft has gained name and surname. That year the brand has established a specific Department for the creation on a small scale, the Atelier Cabinotiers. “The workshop has the feature of forming the innermost desires of our customers. Until last year it was necessary to come to Geneva, but today it is possible to go to our new boutique, in São Paulo. Since the Atelier Cabinotiers is a service, there is nothing to stop answering our client wherever he is with the same quality, “says Dominique Bernaz, Sales Director of Vacheron Constantin to Watch Time.

Like all bespoke service, some steps need to be met: it all starts with a conversation with customer to understand their aspirations. Among the requests are the gigantic reproducing works of art in small dials, watch special touches in the anniversaries dates to big complications enthusiasts who dream of a mechanical masterpiece. “It is clear that each of these projects goes through the evaluation of Mr. Juan-Carlos Torres, our CEO. With your approval, then we go to the project, estimated cost and delivery time. When the client agrees, the signing of the contract, “explains Bernaz.
Every new project that requires technical development is assigned an integrated team, consisting of an engineer, a mechanic and a watchmaker. Together come true even the most extravagant dreams from a technical point of view. The designers and the research and Development Department of the Vacheron Constantin intervene when necessary. Finally, assume the command specialized teams of management and monitoring of projects and is a contact person that acts as a link between the teams and the customer.
The completion of a new project can take 12 months to 8 years, everything will depend on the complexity of the play: technically (complications) or aesthetically (handicraft). As each clock created in the workshop is unique, its production is also unique. The creations range from custom design to the design of new calibers. “If the customer is willing to wait, we have developed a new caliber, once a project like this takes a minimum of 2 years. There is the option of a caliber creation based on existing models, where, naturally, the time is shorter, “adds the Director of sales.
The Vacheron Constantin, discretion and respect for its customers, has the policy of not disclosing the names of supporters to its tailored production, although some stories were recorded in the history of the brand. As is the case with the New York banker Henry Graves, Jr. (1868-1953) known as the greatest collector of 20TH-century clock. The Tycoon was one of the greatest collectors of custom designer watches. You can also tell the story of Farouk, the penultimate King of Egypt who ruled the African country between 1936 to 1952.
For the representative of Egyptian royalty, Vacheron Constantin has developed a large complication watch which featured no less than thirteen pointers in display of the clock: in addition to the classic hands (hours, minutes and seconds), the dial had the small seconds hand, the pointer of the counter 30 minutes, small seconds fractionated, the four hands of the perpetual calendar with leap year indication and alarm indicators , the power reserve of movement and power reserve of chime mechanism, not to mention the repetition of minutes and the lunar phases. Yes, all this was only possible thanks to the specially developed for the King of Egypt consists of 820 parts, including 55 rubies.
Due to the secrecy and confidentiality it is difficult to find photos of the models produced by the Atelier. The brand, in turn, presented two recently developed models for the select team of professionals. They are the Philosophia watches and Vladimir. Both received the names of their own creators and owners.
The clock entitled Philosophia is itself a paradox, as it combines brilliantly the concepts of Haute Horlogerie and approximate time. The original idea was based on the philosophy of that time is relative and the humanity does not need to know the exact time. Created from a template of the Patrimony collection, Philosophia presents only the hour hand in the center of the dial with 24 hours. If, however, be necessary a more precise idea of the time activates the Minute Repeater.
The opening on the dial to 6:00 allows the visualization of the Vortex which makes a complete rotation every 60 seconds. The originator of the play is also an admirer of astronomy and then asked for it to be placed a custom indicator of phases of the moon. On the back of the watch, the indicator plate power reserve of 58 hours was decorated with intertwined constellations Ursa Major and Ursa minor. The detail is for the inscription “Les Cabinotiers” and the coat of arms on the ring Cabinotiers Atelier of the back of the 43 mm diameter box in 18-carat pink gold. The watch also comes with the prestigious Geneva Seal. Any mechanical rope movement consists of 522 parts.
Vladimir, in turn, carries the title of most complicated clock in the world. His name, of Slavic origin, comes from the old term “Valodimir” and means “peace for all”. But the peace really can only be enjoyed after its conception, because it took the sweat out of more than 20 professionals in the Haute Horlogerie and 4 years for its development. That’s because, Vladimir has no fewer than 17 complications embraced within the 47 mm case in rose gold.
On the front of the display you can check the hours, minutes, seconds on the Tourbillon, minute repetition, power reserve of 58 hours, second time zone, indication of moon phases and age of the moon – a rare complication of meeting, in which shows the current number of days since the last new moon.
On the reverse a motion Orchestra covers the perpetual calendar, the torque of the Bell, the equation of time, Sunrise and sunset, the celestial planisphere and the indication of the number of the week.
Altogether there are 891 components, all of them made with manual labor. The exclusive hand-wound mechanical movement of Vladimir also carries the prestigious Geneva Seal.
The Vacheron Constantin cannot need how many custom watches have been made in its almost 260 years of history, but ensures that currently has about 30 to 40 pieces in process and are at their maximum capacity. But it is a curiosity. How much does a clock with the signature Workshop Cabinotiers? Dominique Bernaz responds with elegance: “the price of a creation Atelier Cabinotiers is proportional to the time spent on the project.”
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