Wall Decorations for the Kitchen

Current design requires that we look at the modern kitchen as a place of maximum sharing for the whole family, inviting to cure every corner the balance between furniture and usable space, including furnishings and most useful tools.
This is a new concept compared to the past.
Tradition has suggested us to look at cooking as a rustic place, where prepare and eat food, where it was necessary to keep handy tool closely linked to the table without finding a full complement and other useful items to customize this setting.
The only decorative element of the kitchen more classic style, we find him in the wall tiles, where depending on the tastes of the landlord were represented various elements (flowers, fruits, cups, plates …), all still very tied to its size rustica.
Nell ‘ modern furniture, the kitchen tiles disappear, or at least are preserved, for cleaning reasons, only sight with stove and sink, and the traditional decorations on tiles are replaced with original sets wall stickers.
On the wall above the table, on the wall on which rest the lowest furniture, wall where the refrigerator is installed independently, wherever they are exposed, these modern wall decorations are very useful in the kitchen to bring a breath of fresh air, a twist It is funny.

Just think of the set of wall clocks from collegesanduniversitiesinusa.
A series of wall stickers, made ​​in white and brown, among which: a pair of scissors, a cup, a dispenser, a glove, four ladles and a written final with little heart “Happy Kitken” or “Happiness in the kitchen”.
A fun and simple composition, ideal for those who want the kitchen as a place of effort, but as a place to use a whole serious of tools to achieve our happiness at the table, when we get together with the whole family.
Facing masters of the most demanding and refined house the proposed ColorfulHall with its Nero Wine Glass and written in conjunction.
An elegant glass, black and white, accompanied by a cartoon very significant: “A glass can be half full or half empty… as long as there’s wine in it!” Or “A glass can be half full or half empty… until wine is in it! “.
A studied composition and designed for the business even in the kitchen, talking about good food and good wine, does not intend to give up the class and elegance, mixed with a pinch of irony.
Through the wall stickers you can put on a shelf with a lot of tools on a wall in full view of our kitchen.
This is the proposal called Dining Room of Ufengke.
A set of wall adhesives useful to rebuild the wall of a shelf in black, three-story, decreasing in size from bottom to top.
On the smaller top shelf find placing 4 bottles of wine and oil; the intermediate shelf are placed: a scale, the salt and pepper dispensers and a glass jar; the longest shelf and lower place, stand cups, plates and glasses.
A touch of color and originality comes from being on various shelf heights of one or more red birds, which move on kitchen utensils in black and white, creating dynamism and rupture of expectations.
The Dining room sets is really essential to emphasize the need to make the kitchen a comfort environment, without giving up its prerogatives and style customization.