Wake Alarm – the Most Beautiful Alarm Clock for Iphone

Applications have to differentiate themselves from one another and programmers are refining their creativity.In this way, we receive applications with an excellent appearance and very well designed functions in iOS. These are the features that make the difference.
Wake Alarm is an iPhone alarm clock that offers the user a delightfully beautiful interface and useful features for anyone who wants an awakening app that is actually functional.After using it, you will certainly never want to activate the native app again.
The application is very intuitive. At the current time we set the alarms by sliding the finger to the time we want the alarm clock. Then we confirm the schedules and these can be customized with one of the many available ringtones. In addition we can tell you which days of the week we want them to awaken.
The app allows us to place our hand on the screen when it is waking up and the alarm goes off, giving us another 10 minutes so we can stretch an arm and shrink a leg. 10 minutes later we hear again and we can stop the alarm. For this we have to shake the iPhone to make sure we’re wide awake.
Turning the screen down the app also goes into Snooze mode. So there’s the iPhone gyroscope in action here, enhancing the functions of a simple wake-up call.
Three alarm styles are available:

  1. SLAP & FLIP: Equipped with a virtual Snooze button and perfect for any desire for some extra moments of sleep.
  2. SHAKE: Ideal for those who have a deep sleep that needs more than a traditional wake-up alarm.
  3. SWIPE: A simple option for dreamers who like to keep things simple.

Alarm functions:

  • UI based on simple gestures to configure and interact with alarms
  • Turn the dial to easily adjust alarms
  • Allows you to create up to 8 repetitive alarms
  • Swipe down to see the alarms and pull down to change them on/off
  • Customize with 12 unique alarms
  • SLAP & FLIP mode turns your iPhone into an “old-school”alarm clock via a virtual Snooze button; Plug the iPhone into Snooze mode or turn the iPhone to turn off the alarm
  • SHAKE mode requires you to physically tighten your phone until the shake bar is full, achieving this with movement, which makes sure you are awake
  • Choose from three levels of difficulty in SHAKE mode
  • Set recurring alarms for any day of the week
  • Alarm sounds progressively, rising gradually
  • Visually the app is stunning in both portrait and landscape mode