Vivienne Westwood Palladium Jewelry

Vivienne Westwood launches into a new project and offers us a new line of jewelry palladium, this line is called The Vivienne Westwood Get A Life Palladium Collection and will debut at the show in London at the upcoming London Fashion Week which will present the collections autumn winter 2011 2012. This line of jewelry is very expected and I can not wait to admire his new creations, palladium is still little used and I am sure that she will create small magic.
Vivienne Westwood presents a new line of jewelry made ​​of palladium, a rare metal, a silvery-white appearance, the platinum group that resembles also chemically. Palladium is extracted mainly from some copper and nickel ores and a curiosity that can interesting is that the beautiful white gold is an alloy of gold and palladium, the latter is used just to decolorize the gold.
The talented designer has already announced that these jewels are inspired by the forms of nature and symbols derived from paganism, it will be yet another tribute to nature, to our planet and raise awareness for all of us to preserve the world in which we live.
Now nearly in January, at a guess these jewels we can watch them in about a month and a half during London Fashion Week which will be in February just after the New York Fashion Week.