Vintage Women's Shoes

Amigaaaa, I’m already dying to renew the wardrobe for 2016 and you? But what I want is to even see what’s new for our feet in 2016.
I’ve been giving a good searched in specialized magazines, international fashion sites and these “fashion weeks” of life and I will tell you: The main focus is in the colors and red, so it seems, comes with everything in the summer 2015, it is a warm and striking color, all about the summer. Other hot colors also appear, orange and coral for example.
All kinds of shoes come with trends for 2015, but the sandals are our escudeiras faithful and right are with us always, are jack of all trades.
So it is these that we speak today, the sandals are fashionable for next year, for all seasons, but the fashion for the summer is always the most talked about right.
The colors already mentioned some above, but the pastel tones and nude will also have a strong contribution to the next year.
The high mega jumps still super trendy, especially those thicker, straight called stake or paw half, and tratorados. Sandals with these jumps can be used both in the workplace and in more sophisticated parties.
These jumps straight match better with those who have thicker legs, because if used with those who have thin legs are very gross and tune even more legs.

The wider straps and sandals closed in front and open back are also trend as well as the cross straps and transparencies. Fringes are also super high.
Transparencies will be used in the strips, but especially on the heels will be the acrylic heels. These transparencies are usually more freshly baked that other materials covering sandals.
Transparencies are more suitable for those with thinner legs, to be more delicate and more draw attention to the feet, taking the focus of the legs.
Who likes medium heels should also bet on thicker heels, need not be the platform or wedge, just that is not little jump. All too buckle, current and pattern as well.
The woods jumps will appear too, look to combine with a more casual look, avoiding very romantic dresses, the look is confused and it seems like you do not know much what you want.
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For devotees of the rasteirinhas covering the heel will be fashionable in 2016. They will also be more daring and glamorous with details on stones and metals, as well as animal print patterns. These super yes combine with romantic dresses marcadinhos waist with cintinhos fine and delicate accessories.
As the prints, the two – color shoes will take care of the walkways and streets is the look chic sport.
Metallised sandals and glossy are also a super bet to 2015, they come in gray, blue, red and orange and give a more sophisticated look to the air.