Vintage Ideas for Your Room

The deco vintage is becoming more popular. The very definition of style has changed and is no longer synonymous with ancient and worn, but now includes the eclectic, eccentric and objects made by hand. These are the pieces acquired at the flea market, or the family heirloom renewed a fresh coat of paint.

The major advantage of the vintage style is that it is affordable and anyone can replicate it in his house. Enjoy the following ideas on deco vintage for every room in the house.
Put a tower of three or four old leather suitcases and use it instead of the input table. This idea will surprise and delight your guests.

Vintage Ideas for Your Room

Or, start from decorating the porch with chairs chipped paint or some woven baskets full of flowers. The vintage style, as well as shabby chic, like the appearance damaged objects and the restored furniture. Show your collection of figurines bought at the flea market on the shelves of the old library.

Deco vintage wall

Hang old china plates on a pallet wood coated wall to add visual interest. This design is compact and, at the same time, has a great impact. Hang a map on the retro living room wall and add globes on the dresser below to create a mood explorer.
Mix styles freely
You should not necessarily fill the house of ancient objects to get the desired look. Just put one or two accents in the right places and good use colors to the decor vintage works. Vintage items add a unique style to any room of the house and generally have a reasonable price.

  • Dining terrific in vintage style
  • Maps and Globes as vintage deco
  • White bed room with peeling paint
  • Flowery wallpaper in vintage style
  • Vintage decoration for the porch
  • Magnificent Apothecary Table
  • Room for two girls vintage spirit
  • White Kitchen With vintage décor
  • Light colors in a room with original decoration
  • Home office retro spirit
  • Kitchen vintage spirit in beautiful colors
  • Flowered Quilt And Wooden Pedestal