Vintage Dresses of the Stars and Starlets

During the 50s dominated curvy stars such as Marilyn Monroe in the film world.Even 50 years after her mysterious death wondering still show business about her personal secret of success. She was the most photographed woman of the 20th century and became the icon of a whole era. Marilyn embodied the American dream: she grew up in simplest circumstances, became a film star in Hollywood and life to a legend.Their always tight and wide-cut vintage clothes made her a sex symbol of the 1950s.
Audrey Hepburn stood out with her more boyish figure, which they pointed out with straight-cut sheath dresses. The actress created a distinctive style. Her choice of dresses already impressed the great fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, who became a close friend of Audrey Hepburn. The actress combined elegance with simplicity and wore prefers fine robes in a very obvious way. Their Elf-same and dainty appearance has always been considered a role model for many generations of women who prefer the timeless chic.
Today we want the typical vintage imagine dresses of these two women, who not could have been contradictory.

Audrey Hepburn: Vintage Clothes With Simple Elegance

One of the big film legends was Audrey Hepburn. Thanks to its wonderful style, it was also as one of the biggest fashion icons of their time. Audrey Hepburn moved due to its lovely nature and the simple elegance instantly captivated her audience. Her slender body stressed they like with discreet and elegant sheath dresses. Their classic elegance even today affects our fashion consciousness and stimulates many well-known designers to own creations of beautiful sheath dresses. Because of its simple undecorated vessels as regarding shape, that dress makes a particularly elegant impression. Shift dresses are not for nothing akin to the classic cocktail dress. The rectilinear figure-hugging cut, which does not require a horizontal waist seam, is the main distinguishing feature of a sheath dress.
The simple black dress, which has been mass-compatible in 1926 by Coco Chanel as a so-called “little of black” was very popular with Audrey Hepburn. Forty years later personalized Audrey Hepburn style in her famous role as “Holly” in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Her plain black dress was manufactured by Hubert de Givenchy on the body of Audrey Hepburn.
The actress wore a more beautiful look in 1953 in the romantic comedy “A heart and a Crown”. She here presented a chic holiday look, which she won countless Nachahmerinnen. Was a long, flowing skirt with a blouse buttoned up to the collar and an elegant striped silk scarf around the neck, combined.
Quite contrary to the former Zeitgeist, Audrey Hepburn was miles away from the busty, obvious sex appeal, then, a Marilyn Monroe. Her soft, delicate and fragile figure coaxed the Director Billy Wilder the famous quote: “The girl will bring the breasts still completely out of fashion”.

Marilyn Monroe: Vintage Dresses With Sex Appeal

The contrast to the sober and elegant appearance of Audrey Hepburn the undisputed sex symbol of the 50 s: was Marilyn Monroe. She knew to always put in scene and each failed to seduce. The photographers loved her: her flirtatious glances, blood-red lips, stylish outfits and of course the typical blond Marilyn curls made her the sex goddess of the 1950s.
As well as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe made acceptable the “little black dress” in their film “Some like it hot” or “Gentlemen prefer blondes”. In the 50s, the typical emphasis on waist was favored by this beautiful black dress.
Marilyn Monroe loved close and figure-hugging dresses. Those were either strapless or had a sexy v-neckline. Marilyn wore small dangling diamond earrings very happy to to draw attention to her cleavage and her delicate face. Just like diamonds, also pearls belonged to Marilyn’s favorite jewelry, because those wonderfully soft drew her face.
Mid-1950s sex symbol was often black. In 1954, she once said that “she love long black dresses in combination with long evening gloves”. Those long gloves were still from the 30’s, in which striptease dancers long used evening gloves in their elaborate erotic shows as accessory to the lascivious undressing. Marilyn Monroe combined elegance and eroticism with its very own charm. In 1951, high heels came worldwide in fashion. By this time, Marilyn Monroe wore no other shoes to her sexy tight-fitting clothes.
The most famous white dress of in film history wore Marilyn Monroe in 1955 in the Billy Wilder film “The seventh year itch”. It unforgettable, as the pretty Drapée dress high fluttered, as she stayed over a ventilation shaft of the New York train posed. This white Halter dress was the costume designer William Travilla designs. It had a plunging neckline and thus brought her curvaceous figure to advantage. The “British Heart Foundation” chose the pretty white dress to the ‘most iconic canvas suit”, which had reached in connection with the sex symbol of the 50 s absolute cult status in January 2014. This piece of clothing with a long history was auctioned in June 2011 for $4.6 million to a private collector in Beverly Hills.