Vintage Carnival Party

The retro is back in fashion among youngsters, that’s why it’s a good idea to invite friends to a vintage Carnival party
Vintage Carnival party
At Carnival, there is no shortage of inspiration to have a party with all the trimmings! Nostalgia of the 1950s? Then it is time to have a party themed Vintage Carnival with games and music! Just a ride in the markets of the city and a sneak peek at the attic of the parents for an effective and low
cost, the rest comes by itself. Alternatively you can arrange a wonderful party years ‘ 90, a themed party movies and even an evening carnevalizia where the decorated cakes are the main protagonists! And please, take lots of photos!
Printed on cardstock and cut out the silhouette of a vinyl where, on the back, write (by hand) all party details, specifying the date, time and place of the event. Recapitatelo to friends and don’t forget to mention the dress code recommended, in line with the etiquette of Carnival, there is no ad hoc costume theme party.
The set up of the Carnival festivities vintage style
Nothing could be easier to find: look, up in the attic or in some antiques, all objects and jewelry they can invoke the 1950s: from roller skates, to the prints of lambrettas and vintage cars, up to the retro armchairs in floral prints and some old radio. Finally, of course, 35 and 45 laps as if it rains! To this we can add as many Carnival decorations DIY
The buffet
The typical party menu (sandwiches, pizzas, quiches, sandwiches and other savory recipes of Carnival) add some gem that recalls the fabulous fifties, like muffins, cupcakes, brownies and Apple cakes also retro-looking visibly to decorate the table use a checkered tablecloth and some Grandma’s China. For the final touch you prefer drinks in glass bottles, if you look hard at the stores you will see that the most famous brands the play all the time.
Carnival costume for party vintage
From Marilyn to Elvis, from Sandy in Grease, Danny Zuko are really endless the characters to be copied to a perfect look of the 1950s. Full skirts below the knee, tight blouses, scarves knotted at the neck tennis shoes with ankle sock in sight and ponytail stopped by a Ribbon of the same color of the dress, play an old-style clothing has never been easier. If you want to make up a few icons of the past in particular, just choose a character and peep on the internet some of her old photos.
Detailed cool for Carnival festivities vintage style
The touch would be able to rectify a real jukebox-style Happy Days, on the market there are some very faithful reproductions, but obviously their cost is not negligible. If you want to spend a lot less you can always use the cardboard silhouette of an old jukebox and show it in the room where you can dance, but I recommend, at which point the music 50 years cannot really miss and romping to the beat of rock and roll and boogie woogie, swing will be even a must!