Valentines Gifts 2017: Sunglasses

San Valentín 2017 Sunglasses

We started February with Valentine’s Day 2017 just around the corner. Cupid is ready to hit the spot. This year gives for the day of lovers some detail with which to impress your love…
But, like everything in life, there are gifts and gifts. For this year’s events we propose you to give away vision and fashion. GIFT OF SUNGLASSES! You will have plenty of reasons to do so as described in eyewear selection.

Why Gift Sunglasses?

1- Because they will protect the sight of your love
2- Because it will go to fashion
3- Because they will last you a lifetime
4- Because they will complete their look
5- Because there are many models
6- Because there is a gafa for each style
7- Because they are very excited
8- Because he will always take you with you
9- Because you will live the experience of buying in Congafasdesol
Then we pass a selection of sunglasses designed for them and them, for lovers of sport, cool, luxury, low… Take note of the sunglasses with which you will love this Valentine’s Day 2017!

For Her

Choosing a sunglasses for her is not easy task, there are many models and styles that exist in the market. If you do not want to fail, we give you a list of sunglasses depending on who that person is: fashion, adventurous, classic, avant-garde, sober….
For the most classic
Glasses are there for all styles and tastes. Although much is known for its jewelery firm Tous includes among its designs sunglasses that have already won many hearts. One of them has been the Tous STO329-300. Its aviator shaped frame and its pastel colors have made this glasses want to have the most fashionistas.
An icon
Giving sunglasses Ray Ban is betting on how safe. Of all the classics in his difficult collection is to choose just one sunglass and it is that everything that reinterprets the signature becomes a must have. If you want to reach the Ray-Ban Erika Classic RB4171-600068 viraxonlas.
For those who want more deluxe options Prada  is your brand. Discover these designer glasses that bring a touch of exclusivity to your look. This season thePrada OPR 53SS-1AB0A7 come stomping with its elegant combination in black and gold.
Passionate about fashion
Every fashionista surrenders to the Dior collection  . Your sunglasses are revolutionizing fashion. Any of his new collection can be worth, the  Dior So Real are a reflection of that Dior is ahead in trends. You can find them in many colors.You will not fail with the Dior Diorsoreal-APP (DC).
For those who do not want their pocket to suffer there are options. Polaroid bets on the quality and design while offering glasses at economical prices. The fun is assured. We propose the Polaroid model PLD6012N J5G AI with aviator mount and mirror and color lenses.
A vintage touch
The vintage style continues to wear the looks. If your partner looks to the 70’s inVogue you will discover a collection that looks back. XL glasses, with mounts from another era but according to the times. We offer the VOGUE VO2638S 167813 sunglasses.

For Him

If in feminine we find thousands of models of sunglasses they are not left behind. We do a review of what you can find for that special person.
A touch of elegance
Elegance has its own name: Persol . The firm bets on models that provide an elegant and modern style at the same time. This brand will not leave you indifferent. We propose the mythical Persol PO3092SM-900656 .
Best seller lover
If you like the vintage, the classic and those pieces that have been a milestone infashion, no doubt your sunglasses are the  Clubmaster of  Ray Ban, a gift that will hit this Valentine. To give a RayBan clubmaster is to bet for sure. For the classics among the classics, you’ll be right with the Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016-W0366.
For those who do not want their pocket to suffer there are options. Polaroid bets on the quality and design while offering glasses at economical prices.Polaroid Premium Collection PLD 2002 / S-PTI (Y2) can be a good choicebecause of its design and versatility.
For the Authentic
If this year you want to surprise your partner bet on the Carrera Maverick model. With aviator mount you will not notice that they are carried, they are of stainless steel and they are cut to the laser. We propose for them the modelCarrera Maverick 118/S-GTN.
For athletes
Sports lovers and the more sporty look have a date with Arnette’s collection of glasses. His glasses are the reflection of what sport and urban can shake hands in the same glasses without leaving aside the latest trends. If we were to keep an eyeglass from Arnette’s extensive collection would be the Arnette Firedrill AN4143 41/87.
Sports lovers
If your partner is one of those who can not go without doing outdoor sports this is his sunglasses! We are talking about the Oakley Radae Ev Path.  With PRIZM lenses that sharpen vision, with O MATTER mount and Unobtanium nasal rods and platelets. Interchangeable lenses. We offer the Oakley Radar Ev Path OO9208-09.
To this long selection of sunglasses you have to add all that you can find in our site
Together with balloons, hearts, pampering and cuddling this year make Valentine a different day. Bet on giving a few glasses and make this day remember your love all year.
Happy Valentines 2017!