Use Your Computer As an Alarm Clock

If it is urgent you wake up in the morning and do not hear your cell test with your laptop with this speaker sound, sure you wake up 
We know that cell phones are great because they have many functions, including alarm clock but it has a problem, Horn cell phones usually do not sound very strong then, when you have to wake up in the morning and know that you can not wake also have done this:

In addition we also use them to remind us of events or things that we have to do, it is then when I present this simple program that acts as an alarm clock for your computer: Free Alarm Clock.

As sui name indicates it is a free alarm and also works as a clock. If ever you upset that the clock and date are always in the same corner of Windows and want it in another part of the desktop then Free Alarm Clock you will be useful. As you can, the following screenshot of desktop notes (in addition to my addiction to the doge) see a square with the date and time that you can move to any part of the desktop, clear if you don’t want it to also be deactivated.

This program gives you the opportunity to choose between a series of sounds that are predefined by the program, as well as choose a songbut! I do not recommend putting any of your favorite songs from wake up late or early inevitably you will end up hating it, better use the Super_alarma_para_levantar_perezosos.mp3 (published at the end of the post) that if you have an impossible-to-get up brother or you who can not get out of bed with this electronic sound will no longer stay asleep.

Now let’s see how to use the mentioned program. As always the complete guide how to install it from scratch.
Step 1:

Download the program from the following address.

And you click on the following link

Then when this window opens you click on the ‘Download’ button, waits a moment and save the file.

Paso 2:

Ahora instalemos el programa, localiza el archivo descargado y ábrelo. Ahora haz click en “Siguiente”

Después de haber hecho 4 clics en “siguiente” llegarás a esta ventana, sólo haz clic en “Instalar”.

Ahora una vez instalado desactiva la opción marcada en rojo y dale en “Finalizar”.

Espera a que se abra el programa y podremos configurarlo.

Paso 3:
Una vez abierto el programa veremos esta interfaz:

Como puedes ver la interfaz es demasiada intuitiva, ahora hagamos la primera alarma a pesar de que hay una creada previamente por el programa.

Haz clic en el botón Agregar

Ahora puedes ver en la primera parte la sección tiempo donde obviamente hay que poner la hora a la que queremos que suene la alarma.
Después los días que queremos que esté sonando la alarma.

También puedes elegir algún texto que quieras que muestre al momento de sonar la alarma por si necesitas recordar algo.

Ahora en sonido puedes elegir entre varios que ya vienen incluidos con el programa , pero en este caso haciendo clic en “Buscar” seleccionaremos la Super_alarma_para_levantar_perezosos.mp3 para despertarnos sí o sí.

Las últimas opciones hacen lo que su nombre indica.

Y listo hacemos clic en Aceptar y estará creada. Si quieres hacer varias iguales pero solo cambiando la hora puedes hacer clic en el botón “Clonar” para crear varias solo cambiando la hora.

Ahora para activar el reloj flotante tienes que ir al menú Opciones y hacer clic en Ventana Flotante para Reloj y listo.

You can easily configure the alarms and the advantage is that you will wake up without hesitation and that laptops sound much louder than a cell phone and also with the sound Super alarm for lazy you will wake up without hesitation.

Recommended alarm sound: Super alarm to raise perezosos.mp3 (appears at the end of the post, right-click , save link as… .)
Next up! If you need any utility or know any that you would like to share please comment it.

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