Use IE Web is Below 50% for the First Time

The Internet Explorer has the largest share of the browser market for a long time. He is still dominating so far, for the sake of truth, as well as Windows dominates much of the participation in the operating systems market. But last month, the first time in years, the users known index of Microsoft’s browser has fallen below 50%, showing that your competition is reaching out to conquer more and more space.
The indices are the NetMarketShare company that tracks the participation of several browsers on the web and released earlier this month the data for October. They realize that Internet Explorer now holds 49.58% of the computers on the web, while Firefox continues strong and strong in second place with 21.20% and Chrome remains third with 16.59%.
The Safari is still the preferred 8.54% of web users and Opera is 1.49% of computers. The latter, incidentally, was the only browsers had a drop in participation over the previous month. This decline is seen that since April this year, when the Opera still held 2.11% stake.
If someone asked me I would say would be a sign of the times in which the browsers that are innovating increasingly gain more users and get a slice of greater participation. But together with this, Microsoft has done relatively little innovation with Internet Explorer to stay on top, so clear that the balance will tend to the other side after a while.