USB Smart TV

In technology you love you teach to connect the TV (see definitions on with all devices in the House. The Smart TV has taken a very important leap so we get it and today is very simple to connect all cable or via the WiFi that we have at home.

We have talked about them in depth and you have explained everything you need to know to connect the devices. However, many times we tend to forget one of them because we find it also in other sites such as our PC or laptop. We are speaking of USB, which can get a lot out of Internet meanings.

USB, the easiest way to see own content on TV

We opened our new, brand new TV Smart TV. Put it in the living room, we started to connect cables: antenna, HDMI, the console… We see so many entries include a USB. What is it? For the same thing in a computer: so we can connect more devices.

The first thing that comes to mind is to connect a storage unit: either a flash drive or an external hard drive. In this way, we can see files easily without need to be making additional configurations with the mobile for example.

We connect it to the computer, put the pictures and videos that we want to see and then simply connect it to your TV, select this entry in the list of connections on the TV and ready. If we have a Smart TV, a folder will appear as if it was the computer. Within it we will have different contents.

What can we see? Everything: our collection of photos, videos that we have all kinds… Remember that if you want to see shows and movies there are legal alternatives like Wuaki and Filmin, they also have purpose-built with these smart TV applications.

Now well what is able to open and what doesn’t? Depends on the TV but today almost all models open the main video, music and photo formats: mp4, m4v, mp3, jpg… We should not have problems, if we can see it with our computer also will work on our TV.

What is the best option? A flash drive can always us out of trouble, but its capacity is quite limited so you can have many files inside. The other option is a hard disk with more capacity and without having to be constantly making trips to the computer: we turn everything and ready.

Do you have to be a hard disk media to work in a Smart TV? No, the only thing we need is to connect it via USB, it does not lack having a hard drive with video outputs to connect it via those channels. It is much easier and does not require us to buy a specific model. If you need help on hard drives, we have a very comprehensive blog guide.


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