Unity3D Gives Its Basic Version to Create Games on Android Until April 8

Unity It has become a very popular platform among mobile developers. Many opt for it and the truth is that very interesting titles as e.g. Shadowgun have created. If you are artists or have in mind put you in this world followed reading, this interests you.
Unity has made its most basic version to bring games to Android for completely free. To give you an idea this license costs 400 dollars so the savings is significant. If you are still interested you’re in time since the offer only lasts until April 8.
This version itself is very simple and does not have all the tools, although It has the basics to start and make our creations. If we want more and we want to get full, perhaps we want to purchase the full license which is worth $1,500.
If you are also interested in the platform issue say that the iOS version is also free. In addition to Shadowgun, under Unity 3D many others have become as Cordy, Muffin Knight or Zombie Wonderland.