Uber Introduces Price Guarantee for Drive

No more nasty surprises-the price will be fixed when you run with Ubers parts service.
In the future you will know exactly what it costs to get from A to B with Uber. The company now introduces a price guarantee in a number of cities, instead of, as previously, to confine itself to give the estimate on the cost of a drive. The write tech-media Engadget.com.
This enables service users know it absolutely sure what a ride with parts service will run up in.
The function will also work in conjunction with the company’s ‘Surge’ Pricing game, an extra cost attributed to, when the number of Uber-drivers can’t match the demand from Uber-users.

Should you gift needs to take a detour or change the route, will the new, fixed price also will be updated inside the app itself in real time.
The new functionality will be deployed initially in Miami, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Diego and Seattle. A wider availability of the new features expected to be rolled out in the coming months.
Thus get Uber even a function that established Danish taxi companies at the time of writing can’t match in their existing app solutions.
Update: Taxi Nord’s app can in writing already provide fixed price estimates on a taxi ride.

Continue in the authorities ‘ spotlight

All the while Uber introduces new features, is the company still on shaky legal grounds. In all, 46 out of 1700 estimated Uber-drivers have been charged with piracy drive.