Types of Flashlights

Here we will make three large groups:
For the colored lanterns, I refer you to the article that we published in your day, and that I recommend your reading.
The rest of the groups, we will look at the “tone” of light that gives us the lantern.
In general, we will call warm the lanterns of all the life, that its light is yellow or orange ( according to the eyes that we look at… hahaha). And the cold ones will emit the white light.Usually those that carry a led.


Let’s start with this great group.
Warm lanterns, because of their bulb, consume more battery or battery than cold ones. As main characteristic is the yellowish tone that gives us in the illumination. As a general rule, we will use this flashlight when using a cold white balance, to correctly counteract the dominant.
Although we want to dramatize the shot, we can use warm white balance (above 4,000k) and warm flashlights. Getting some orange tones.
Within this group we will comment on several flashlights featured on http://www.garyflashlights.com/:


Flashlight small, easy to carry, and with variable light beam.
Thanks to its simple beam concentration system, we can regulate it with one hand, which makes it practical and versatile.
You can not regulate the power of light, so we will have to play with the diaphragm or ISO to increase or decrease its light.
The construction of the lantern is robust, and is accompanied by a rather scarce cast iron.
It is ideal for short distances and when concentrating the beam, is very good for medium distances.
Its average price is usually around 14 Euros, and you can find it easily on Amazon.
The power is two AA batteries, and although the light bulb is not energy-efficient, its useful life is usually quite long.
As usually happens in this type of light bulbs, when the charge is decreasing, the intensity of the light also low. Data to keep in mind if you see that the lighting is not quite powerful that should be. Replace batteries;)
As an extra comes in the bottom of the flashlight a spare bulb. Very useful not to get thrown in the middle of a session.