Twitter Wins Optimizations; Charging Time Decreases 80%

Yesterday afternoon, at least in the office our site, the web interface Twitter was unstable, with random errors and pages did not carry through. But it seems that this was all for a good cause: the service engineers were conducting some internal changes to make the pages load faster.

Twitter is not exactly known for being fast – the whale image displayed when the servers were overloaded, appeared often. The main change to the mammal back to being happy in the ocean is the removal of hashbang (#!) Addresses. According to Dan Webb, Twitter engineer, only the removal of these two characters in URLs helped a lot in performance.
In a rather technical post on Twitter engineers blog, Dan Webb explains that with the hashbang technique ( widely criticized , by the way), the browser user needed to download an HTML page, download and run a JavaScript code, discover the correct path of the content and only then render the page. Now that the URLs were simpler, the initial page load should take only one – fifth of the previous time.
Engineers also modified the code to reduce the time to display the first “tweet”. Now contain service pages only the necessary JavaScript at the time, making faster loading, especially in browsers that are slow to process JavaScript. Other changes and technical details can be found on the official blog.