Twitter Announces Official Tool for Analyzing Tweets

The tool analyzes current business can specify how much traffic Twitter brought to pages, but most do not do it very precisely and detailed. Today Twitter has finally announced their official tool for business analysis, called Twitter Web Analytics, which should give further information to site owners who use Twitter as traffic source (as we here at TB).
The tool will show you not only how many people clicked on links posted by a certain Twitter profile but will also quantify the retweets and measure the effectiveness of the Tweet Button, among other things. In the image shown as an example, statistics were used American blog TechCrunch and according to it, will be offered three data display options: the present day, over 7 days or over a month.
This tool was already in development for some time and came from the purchase of BackType company, specializing in link analysis on Twitter, which took place in July. According to its creator, Christopher Golda, Twitter Web Analytics will be released to a small portion of users now but will be available to more sites over the next few weeks. an API with him will also be released for other services provided by the pull information tool.