Trendy Eyewear Models

The sunglasses are important accessories in any season, but especially in the summer they become indispensable due to the Sun’s rays stronger. They serve both to protect the eyes as to the style looks. There are several options of different models for bet, check out what are the most desired for the summer 2014, according to the trends:

Glasses guy “Aviator“–this is one of the most used models worldwide. The traditional Ray Ban Aviator became a fashion icon and has been copied by several brands, some more accessible, other more expensive. The model looks good on different faces formats. Worth a bet, as it is a classic;
Glasses guy “kitten”-this is more of a traditional model and it came back with everything to fashion in recent seasons. It has lenses with pontudinho format on the sides, like mimic cat eyes. Famous for being the model used by Audrey Hepburn, Kitty glasses are one of the strongest trends for summer 2014;
Glasses with round lenses-the third model worth the investment this summer is with round lenses. It can either be a classic Ray Ban with metal frame or a Prada with Baroque art inspired rods. Of course there are brands more affordable options. Worth the investment.
These are just three of the many options that exist in the market. Remembering that were highlighted by being the main trend models for next season.