Trends in Urban Fashion

The urban fashion is nothing more than a style inspired on how to dress people everywhere several streets bustling around the world. They do not follow trends, but cherish the comfort and well-being with yourself. You can see amazing combinations in the streets, the human being is very creative and loves to compose your own style without being dictated by some fashionistas how he should dress. Usually hit on the look if you stop to watch, you can find models and perfect combinations.
It is common among combinations of jeans worn, berets, sneakers, all stars, baggy sweaters, jackets, etc. They have a range of very varied options. Seeking to unite comfort and style. Many designers are based in urban style to compose some of his collections, and that the right super! The style is super versatile, allowing the designer has greater freedom to carry out their creations.
Let’s look at CONSTRUCTMATERIALS for some of the combinations of looks common urban style: Starting with the famous and friend of all hours, beaten or torn jeans, is one of the most watched parts in the urban universe, we can even say that is the style of the symbol, some of models just beaten, others literally torn or horizontal cuts. They always bring along with it a visual much more stripped down, and with style. Generally combined with boots and shoes. In addition to jeans, it is also common some women wear leggings or stockings with tears in leg length.
Combination with boots short and medium pipes with shorts is quite common, usually using more soltinhas blouses accompanied jackets or overlapping another blouse, also sees the very famous batinhas. This look style is very comfortable to use in their day-to-day or for a walk.
The urban fashion also brings an indie footprint, referring to the rock style, using very chess, half pants, and all star mid – cut or coturno. Brings with it a stripped down and look full of attitude.More generally seen among young people and adolescents.
The most important in urban style, is that you must bring your personal touch to your look, something that is not said by some professional fashion, but which eventually ends up being worthy of one. One tip, there are no limits in the fashion universe, but it is also good to have a bit of fashion sense, not worth hanging around making fashion everything is way without some connection, some moderation is necessary. Ride a look your way, but that it is a harmonious composition with style, without attracting much attention due to lot of information has no connection with each other in it.