Trends in Jewelry for the Summer

Every woman vain beyond worrying about the beauty, clothing and footwear, also does not relieve the use of accessories that are essential to complete the looks of each day. Of the most basic to the most daring, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets can not miss in the women’s locker. So, see what are the trends in bijoux for summer 2015:
Tassel-fringed silk pendant is one of the main stakes on the jewelry for the 2015 summer season. This detail can appear in pieces such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets, but must also make an appearance in footwear, handbags and belts. The tassel is usually is of silk cord and can be used in different colors, depending on your taste.
Earring range – another piece that I’ve been doing a lot of success in winter and promises to be a hit too strong even in spring and summer is the style ring range. This piece is lush and raises the appearance of any look. The fan-shaped earrings are made with metal base and may have or non-application of pedrarias, and the bottom, the fan itself, made of silk fringe or feathers. There are many versions in various colors, simply choose the your and destroy in the productions.
Colored precious stones–among all bets are also the jewellery with precious stones as well. Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces promise to leave the maxi looks more cheerful and sophisticated. It’s worth investing in the combination of many shades of stones, especially in more vibrant colors such as green, blue, pink, yellow, red and purple. Combine these with more clothes very colorful trinkets to let the stones are the highlight, but if you prefer a more elaborate and lush look, bet on clothes in one of the colors in the stones.
Indian Jewelry-Indian inspiration is also super strong between the trends for the next summer’s jewelry at Silver and gold mixed arise to pedrarias, such as turquoise, among others, which leaves the pieces even more charming, and differentiated. This style present in bracelets, earrings, necklaces and maxi maxi also in rings. These are landmark pieces and a lot of personality, so combine with basic looks, as the traditional combination of jeans and white blouse, without errors or exaggerations.
These are the most striking trends in the jewelry market next summer. You can already go ensuring your parts and anticipate the look, making beautiful in the productions of everyday life and special occasions.