To Take Care of Your Jewelry and Accessories

At the end of year is common good organized trips to reconnect with family and friends and we can sin in choosing, arrange and care for jewelry on these occasions. With that in mind, we’ve put together tips on how to care for and transport your favorite pieces for their holiday trips. Also check out the list of suggestions of jewels to take on your trip.

How To Transport The Jewel In The Trunk

Ideally, the jewels are taken into a handbag, with most important belongings, especially if the journey is and there is a need to dispatch the luggage.
If it is not necessary to take many parts, accessories can be carried in bags or small boxes, organizers like the saving remedies. Another option are the jewels as appropriate location for each piece, which will ensure that your accessories will arrive at your destination safe and sound. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Special Care

Ideally, your jewelry be cleaned in the same frequency is used and clean just use a dry and soft flannel, no chemicals. The intense contact of parts with salt water or sweet with the Sun can be harmful. If it is silver or bronze, the contact with the salt and heat can damage them. Therefore, it is not suitable to use these materials in pools or beaches. Pieces with stones can also drop due to direct contact with the water.
Avoid contact also with: creams, perfumes, chlorine, suntan lotions and other cosmetic products.