To Choose Overcoat

It is high time to bring out the winter coat. For those of you who are looking to buy a new one, there are certainly a lot of questions. What model is most useful, what fabric is best for our climate and how shall the details look like? Manolo offers tips on how to go with the outer coat will be a so välinvesterat buy as possible.
If the shoulders is important when it comes to jackets, it is even more important for topcoats. Many poorer producer tiring rigid axles with excessive amount of vadering to ytterrockens form should not be affected by a Blazer underneath. A well-sewn and soft shoulder shapes itself much better after the jacket’s form and can also carry only a thin sweater under without the shaft protruding from the body.
Many have experienced the feeling of topcoats with a far too generously-cut silhouette. Okay for those who want a bulk, feeling, but for those who want to know themselves well tailored all the way, there are no exception; buy something from the renowned costume and ytterrockstillverkare to avoid having to suffer through wide armholes, straight shoulders and a generally immobile construction. Not rarely recommend shops a to go up a size to go with the outer coat to fit with a Blazer or thick sweater underneath. Although the size of course can vary depending on the manufacturer, this assertion resulted in far too many bears unnecessarily high topcoats. Improved overcoat is made to wear a Blazer underneath. At the same time, it is never wrong to test before purchase to go with the outer coat with both shirt and Blazer.
Stroke width, buttoning, buttons, flap and kragfoder. The details are important. The best tip is to as much as possible choose details after their existing wardrobe. With kind is about the closet does not consist exclusively of super-slim Dior Homme-Blazers rarely preferred. The same goes for the color where dark blue, Brown and grey are the colors that suit most closets.
Choosing fabric is difficult. Pure cashmere fabrics may seem tempting, but be aware that they are also quite sensitive and suitable for a dry and cold climate. For those who want to access the luxurious feel, a blend of wool and cashmere be preferable to better resist our Swedish climate. When it comes to pattern, it is very important to make sure the rest of your wardrobe. Discrete glencheck-and herringbone pattern should definitely not be ruled out, but the uncertain, select with the advantage of a solid color fabric.
But perhaps the ultimate question is what model to choose. Paletån with single button closure, back slit and knee-length length is a good starting point to suit all body shapes. Those who want a little more dressed sense choose advantageously a double-breasted model. Car coaten collar is a little more casual options as well as two Duffle that is better suited to a more casual style in front of the protection for the formal businessviden.