Tips to Not Make Slip-ups Sets

The clothes go far beyond their practical function to protect the body, are also responsible for transmitting the message that you want to communicate to the world with its image. However, not always what jumps to the eye is what you want to communicate.
Discover little FIBS sets that can get old or even too your visual infantilize:

Slip-ups they age

Choose the wrong color

Despite the choice of color be a matter of taste, the tone should always vary according to your skin, as hot and cold profiles ask for a different range of hues. The wrong color, it doesn’t suit you, get older because evidence such as tags defeitinhos and pales of expression, blemishes, dark circles and wrinkles. The ideal is to prove an outfit you review it with calm in front of the mirror, to understand all the details. Another option is to get a sweater in two different colours, put her face for a few seconds and then do the same with the other. The comparison will help you to understand what was best.

Do strict combinations

The tailoring and other elements of the classical garb are very welcome on a daily basis, especially for formal or business environments. However, be careful not to overstate the rigidity of the look if you don’t want to appear to have some good years.They can grow old in accordance with what you use, such as shirts with lace collar, which are up now. Browse mix the blazer or trousers of tailoring with a younger, modern piece, whether in clothing or accessories to themeparktour. Generally, the jacket looks good with dark jeans, and tailoring trousers works with a race of good fabric. Mixing languages is the key to breaking the negative effect.

Use unscaled prints

Choose the best pattern for your silhouette is not always easy and, when the scale is out of proportion, problems can happen, how to end an outdated or a visual image dated. The Liberty prints (those with flowers well toddlers) age is too disproportionate in relation to the body. Small patterns will not have negative effects if they are minors and women with finer traits, otherwise, prefer to use a more casual, as in an open shirt with a t-shirt underneath.

Shoes of “Grandma”

For more that are extremely comfortable, anatomically-soled shoes may not fall well in costume when they are very apparent. Other models, usually related to older people, also ask for certain that don’t end up denouncing years extras: Some are naturally more old-fashioned, like the peep toes very slender, showing only the nail of the thumb, and the anatomical moccasin. If you want to use a pair of classic shoes or with this style, the tip is to look for vibrant colors or modern prints, so the look more current.

Slips that infantilizam

Clothes rounds

The clothes more rounds bring a most romantic and delicate connotation, which is not always appropriate. Skirts and dresses in this style end up giving a youthful air, as well as those of folds, then it is a reading that should not be in work clothes. In a casual moment, can appear, but try to make yea a more sophisticated print or modern or a more vibrant color, that take this feeling that you’re ridiculous or trying to look much younger.

Pastel colors

The pastel shades are up on sets, but you can never be too careful when choosing a look made up for them. They give a infantile on the look to be very pale, especially pink and blue, which refer to children even. Not to happen, the better is mixing with black and other colors of higher contrast to break enough that impression.

Accessories dating

You know that big brincão ring or that duck-billed you loved when you were a teenager? Better reserve a special place for them in your memories, and not in the closet. These earrings, rings too small with children’s motifs and piranhas rementem a very young and are too informal. Prefer earrings with most interesting structures or long, colorful Barrettes and ties, but with sophisticated materials, and rings that make his style now, and not the past.