Tips to Get Beautiful Legs

You want lisinhas and even legs? Equal legs of the famous? The half net pants can help you in the search for beautiful legs, lisinhas and uniforms. But what are the half net pants?
The half net pants are a spray that applied directly on dry legs, providing an effect of lisinhas legs, but do not forget to spread the product on the legs so that the tone of the legs is uniform. You can find half net pants in the following colors: clear skin, light skin, light brown skin, tanned skin and dark brown skin.
This product offers good coverage for spots, as it just softens the marks of scars. Regarding our number one enemy cellulite, half net pants can be a great ally, as applying the pantyhose on cellulite obtained coverage is satisfactory. Recalling that: half net pants do not guarantee protection from sunlight, so before applying the product, pass a sunscreen in the legs.
The half net pants can be bought in perfumeries and cosmetics stores, as well as sites on the Internet that sell the product. The price range of the product varies between R $ 35.00 and R $ 60.00.
Many famous use this product to let legs appear most beautiful, then perhaps some of the legs of famous you envy so much can have this miracle product in them. To use the product properly and get a satisfactory result, here are some tips:

  • Prepare your legs to get the product, exfoliate and shave your legs, exfoliation will ensure the removal of dead skin;
  • Shake the product before use;
  • To apply the product in a distance from the body 10 to 15 centimeters away;
  • Apply the product in small quantities and spread on the leg in a circular motion to have a uniform color;
  • If you leave a more tan effect apply the product in a darker shade than your skin, do not apply in a far from their natural tone, because the result can become artificial.
  • The product takes 2-5 minutes to dry completely;
  • To remove the product wash your legs with soap and water, if only wash with water the product will not come out as it is water resistant.
  • Net pantyhose does not melt with the sun, so do not worry, using this product. It will not flow with time. Also, it does not go in the water (as previously mentioned), nor with any type of footwear.
  • If you want to cover tattoos with half net pants it is not a good option, the result is very artificial.
  • In addition to the spray version we can find half net pants in a liquid version (cream). You can put the product directly on the palm and spread on legs. In its composition half net pants in your cream version has: vitamins A, E and Oliva which guarantee the skin to look healthy and hydrated. However, in Brazil the product version that became highly popular was in a spray version.

The product does not cause allergy and its composition was approved by ANVISA, a guarantee that the product is not harmful to health.
Use of the product should be similar to what we do with the face makeup. It is used only for special occasions (parties and special events), the daily use of the product is dispensable. We have to use makeup for legs with insight, for example: no one mimics the face to go to the beach or a club, is not it?
So for half net pants, it is the same reasoning. Using the product with moderation is key and do not forget, always to take off your makeup before bed, in the case of half net pants, as previously mentioned with soap and water.
Therefore, the pantyhose is a novelty that came to help women achieve the much desired effect of lisinhas and even legs, like the celebrities, but is a product that has a considerable price per bottle, from R $ 35 00 , therefore it is essential to use it only on special occasions. And a gold tip, when using net pantyhose do not tell anyone, let your friends die of envy with your legs. So, use and abuse half net pants and bump!