Tips to Clean Lenses Sunglasses

Who has the habit of wearing sunglasses knows how much bother put them and verify that lenses are dirty. This happens very often, because the glasses, while they are in our face, are exposed to pollution, in addition to being in constant contact with our skin, face and hands, when we remove them or put them face.Check out some tips to properly clean the lenses of his sunglasses:
White vinegar–this is a great ingredient to clean the lenses of the glasses, because it is very acidic and dissolves fat (oil), leaving his glasses without any residue of dirt. A few drops of white vinegar on the lens and rub with your fingers, then remove with water and let it dry naturally.
Neutral SOAP-use foam made with neutral SOAP can be a good alternative to clean the lenses of his glasses. These products have the fat function, such as detergents and liquid soaps, are great. Drip a drop on each lens and rub under water, causing foam to clean the lenses of his glasses.
Microfiber towel-some brands of glasses already offer this kind of tissue along with the glasses at the time of purchase. In case you haven’t, look in specialty stores or optics. The loose by not Microfiber on the lens and remove fine dirt, leaving their lenses clean.