Tips To Choose Yours Men's Bracelets

Jewelery for men is a subject that polarizes opinions. However, it seems that the tide is turning and men are increasingly open to the idea of ​​wearing bracelets of the most diverse types and styles.Several brands and designers have already launched the most diverse models, showing that it is a trend that is gaining ground in the world of men’s fashion.
With all this in mind, for the modern man who is interested in exploring the world of wrist fashion, what are the main styles of men’s bracelets and how to choose the one that suits you best?

Men’s Metal Bracelets

Metal bracelets probably represent the most masculine option, largely because of their military connotations. Metal bracelets have long held a place in the style of men. Military-style ID bracelets maintains a sense of masculinity and conveys a notion of tasteful rebellion with its elegant appearance.
As they tend to be quite distinct and sturdy, metal bracelets are more often used as stand-alone and stand-alone pieces. For this reason, it is also a good idea to wear them on the wrist without a watch, instead of weighing the same wrist with two prominent accessories.
It is important to use the metal bracelet with confidence and work under the concept that less is more, ie: the size and minimum widths possible to give your wrist robustness , without gems that will give your pulse too much glow.

Men’s Nautical Bracelets

The nautical aesthetics consolidates within the very core of men’s fashion, so it is no surprise that this influence has recently been applied to jewelry. Investing in a nautical themed bracelet offers longevity and is the perfect finishing touch to any marine outfit or inspired by buywyncote.
The nautical concept has been applied to wristbands of several different forms in the last seasons, from the type of fixation, to the use of ropes and cables, including themes and nautical emblems.
In this style, you can even make your wristband, even giving the wristband a practical utility, as there are mountaineering ropes and tying techniques to give you a survival tool and a fashion accessory in the radical sports style.
Bracelets of different styles, in layers, and with carved details can make an important part of the modern and rebellious look.

Men’s Beaded Bracelets

Made of ethnic-inspired wood beads (small beads), or crystal / ebony versions for distinctive styles, the range of models currently on offer is vast and offers something for every personal taste.
A large part of your style stems from the fact that you can easily stack a variety of templates together to create an appearance that is totally unique to you. Change the size of the beads,the material, and the color to create your own individual combinations. Monochrome or dark colors is the classic and most basic style here.
They are also versatile enough to fit a wide variety of visuals. For example, black and grayscale beads give a smart, tailor-made look with more natural air.
In terms of technique, bead bracelets can be used to inject an unexpected highlight of color into a garment or simply add another tactile element to an already carefully placed and chosen set.

Men’s Leather Bracelets

Men are already accustomed to wearing leather on their wrist-shaped watch straps, so a leather strap is not perhaps a big leap; And may be a little more attractive, especially for those who take their first steps in the world of men’s jewelry.
The positive aspect of a leather bracelet is that it maintains a sense of masculinity. Leather as a material is also refined and versatile, which can maintain a sense of formality and rebellion even in wider models.
For example, a black or dark brown leather strap can be integrated into an intelligent look and likewise a wide leather strap can be worn with a shirt and jeans for a rock’n roll aesthetic.
Leather bracelets can complement and contrast well with watches , which means they also have the freedom to be able to place the bracelet with the watch or one on each arm.

Men’s Fabric Bracelets

The fabric bracelet is another style that is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The good thing about a fabric bracelet is that they can be relatively inexpensive and come in a wide range of bright colors.
Again, woven bracelets can be combined with leather or beaded versions to create an interesting look, or even be layered to give a stripped-down look to a very formal look.

Final Considerations

Of course there will always be opponents and critics, but, as with all controversial fashion choices, generating a bit of debate seems to only increase the popularity of a trend.
Fine wrists can benefit from wider and thicker wristbands, giving more masculinity to your look, while a thinner wristband can help the roughest man give a touch of elegance to his sturdiness. Using your fingers as a reference for the width of the bracelets is a good tip, with the width of your thumb used for more robust models and the width of your little finger for more elegant models. Try not to go beyond the width of two thumbs for the bracelets, especially the metal models.
Try matching your wristbands with hats, belts, and shoes.
As always, we want to know what you think. Please leave your comments, thoughts and thoughts on this fashion below!