Tips for Your Body Shape

Knowing its morphology is important to put its figure. For this, nothing more simple: we look in the mirror noting the body parts that are thinner or wider opposite. Six morphologies are commonly accepted. Which is closest to what you see?

The Morphology Hourglass or X
Hips and shoulders are of equal width or almost? Your size is marked? You have a morphology hourglass or X. You’re lucky, this silhouette is easier to dress. You can just carry everything.

Morphology Triangular or A
If you have small breasts, a tiny waist, narrow shoulders and thighs and/or buttocks rounder, your body is called delta or A. The important thing is therefore to harmonize the silhouette remaining sober down (eg with a right pants) while bulking up (with a lace top, for example).
Morphology Inverted Triangle or V
At a generous chest and broad shoulders rather meet an end pelvis and flattened buttocks? You have an inverted triangle in morphology or V Choose pants with patterns worked to give volume to the lower body and a top sober up.
Morphology O
Your silhouette is rather round, characterized by a generous bust and hips and broad shoulders? You have a morphology O. Easy to dress up, be careful to respect the right balance between colors and / or patterns worn.
Morphology Rectangular or H
The morphology rectangular or H is characterized by the hips and shoulders the same width and a slightly marked size. Silhouette easy to dress, you will however feminize highlighting the waist or chest for example.
Morphology I
A slender and rangy figure to petite size? Look no further, you have a morphology I. As for morphology in H, this shape should be feminized by bringing out a body part, a wide belt at the waist by example.