Tips for Winter Fashion

For those women very female, even in winter, prefer dresses, marks and brands of all karats invested thousands of models of dresses for autumn and winter, showing that this piece of women’s clothing will make beautiful also in these days when the Sun’s been lazy.
The collections fall-winter 2013 among other bet in delicate, very elegant dresses or full of charm, with many details and sparkles to the coldest season of the year.

In General, the pieces are in dark tones, printed or not, and various greetings and cuts.Very feminine, the dress comes combined with boots and shoes with socks, especially shorter, a look super original!

Winter dresses

Red wagon, electrifying blue, chocolate, various shades of green, violet, in addition to the classic black, grey and looks in black and white mark the season. But you can bet in fluorine colours and vibrant to give color to the dark winter nights and darker shades of colors like green, blue or red forlong dresses, semi-logos and vaporous.
White and nude, also in the chromatic circle for next season, will have a nice paper merge in your skin with fur coats and proposals. Two tone stand out above the rest: the black and green.

Trends for winter

The new season of autumn and winter will arrive with debut of new trends. Know then that trends will mark the season of dark and cold days, leaving the catwalks for the everyday woman, in a very simple way:

Rock Baroque

The dresses, which mimics the top men’s shirts, long-sleeved, and with lots of ruffles and embroidered with metallic yarns, brocades and Baroque volumes, are renovated with rock ‘n roll by the presence of rhinestones and pearls. Handbag with rich Golden accents complement the look.
In fact, long-sleeved dresses are wildcards in this season because they can be combined with many styles. With a long-sleeved dress simply use a pair of shoes, black stockings and a scarf or a maxi necklace and the woman will be spectacular and very feminine, and so you can play with many looks and styles to see him very feminine in the winter time.

Winter leather dresses

The leather gets your prominent place in winter. From sexy to romantic, he comes with strong colors like metallic wine, violet and metallic blue and combined with velvet or is only in details. The big news for the season is that the applications are vibrant and relevant. You can bet also in suede and leathers ecological variations.

Printed in the winter

It is winter, it is necessary to sustain a gloomy, black and gray. For the season, the psychedelic floral traits and geometric prints decorate dresses, combining perfectly with them.
The prints are present in most classic graphics (flowers, abstract shapes and batic/tie diy) or ultra-modern (animalprint cats, Jaguars, zebra et) and comes in dark colors (red, green, violet, Brown, gray, all in your tones more closed) with black background.
The stamped reptile is the big news of the season.


Collections of all brands of clothes for this winter season are marked dark colors and many details in leather without in dark tones (bet a envelope dress or dress-leather coat or similar fabrics).
The dresses come with stylized silhouettes and are complemented by Gothic-style accessories such as crucifixes, with Black Lace, pendants and chains and makeup more loaded, marked by intense red wine lipstick.


The Oriental motifs as Chinese embroideries, kimono-style cuts, straight and dresses of fabrics especially inspired in the East should be in your closet. The ethnic Trend points also to the afro-style dresses, with a lot of mooring and colors.

Footwear and accessories for winter

The winter fashion would be nothing glamorous if it wasn’t for the Add-ons and accessories. Many times, we look only with a special shoe or appropriate accessories.
The trend brand shoes and sandals, sandals with closed platforms, with an average height of 8 cm, although a bolder woman can sustain quietly a 12 cm heel.
The season is also in boots, opportunity to display a pair of them, whether in long models, or just below the knees and the boots, which come with strength, accompanied by black socks or on notable visual color as a whole.
Although very low sandals, like dancers came to stay, the recommended is to avoid them, as they will be difficult combination with coats and don’t have much capacity to house your feet from the cold ground.
In relation to Accessories, seat belts and tracks are back with great force, but no longer used at the waist or hip, if that doesn’t help accentuate the figure. He appears just below the bust (mainly tracks) or much below the waist without tightening them.

At the time of purchase

The cold is coming and brings with it new trends, colors, accessories and makeup completely refurbished. And it is time to renew the wardrobe, even with two or three pieces of clothing (including a dress!) and some accessories.
For that important mission, the best thing to do is take a good look in the before leaving to attend your closet shopping, for study that shelters, shoes, bags, accessories and colors you have to guide what kind of new dress will need.
Don’t buy a new clothes if you do not know (or do not have in your wardrobe) with what will combine, because it causes much conflict in time to assemble a look and you might end up frustrated with the new acquisition and have to come out with something already used! Unless you’re sure of your pocket and can also invest in Add-ons.
Don’t buy the first thing you see in the store! Prove too much and move around with your new dress. Unless it’s a very special occasion, don’t buy a dress that is to use a single time or only at certain shifts, as the sparkles, that don’t match the day. Better to invest in a more neutral style dress and customize them with different add-ons for different occasions.