Tips For Wearing Leggings

A garment suitable for all women as long as you know how to wear them in style. We give you the keys to hit!
The leggings or meshes that triumphed in the 80 returns reinvented in different fabrics, colors and designs. They have become a very comfortable multi-use garment essential in any female closet. However, not all women know how to wear it. They are of different fabrics (cotton, lycra, leather), lengths (pirate tobilleros), colors (discrete or bright, smooth or embossed), with or without brightness … Each model may be more appropriate depending on the situation (day or Night, formal or informal look). Find out which one goes according to your body and style.
How to wear leggings
The leggings, being so tight, look great with skirts and dresses, blouses and maxi-jerseys. They wear rather loose and longer clothes that cover the bottom. But beware!Overlapping garments should reach mid-thigh, never to the knee or higher. You can wear a short jacket.
For a very comfortable and flattering look you can wear leggings in short shirts whenever you wear shorts or shorts. Better be the same color as leggings and footwear.
The female silhouette is achieved using a belt that draws the curves. Choose a high waist.
The leggings lengthen to the ankle more stylize the legs than the pirate ones by the knee.
The leggings discrete, dull and smooth in dark colors (black, navy, gray, brown-brown) are the universal bet you feel good at all. Give color over with more luminous garments.
The striking leggings of brightness, vivid colors, prints (polka dots, flowers, animal print…) and details (lace, sequins …) are suitable for women with style and beautiful legs. If you choose one of these, the rest of clothing and accessories should be discreet.
If you’re dying for leather leggings of, wear them over with a sweater that covers your back in white, greyish, nude or pastel tones to soften the look. You can wear it over with a blazer unbuttoned. They are more appropriate for the night.
With what footwear? With sandals or closed heeled shoes for more formal occasions.With boots or booties, dancers and moccasins to go comfortable and with sports only for a sport look.
Watch out! Mistakes in wearing leggings
If you have wide hips… Choose leggings without gloss or drawings, smooth dark. Wear it with skirt, dresses and sweaters with movement. Do not carry them alone with short garments.
If you have thick or short legs… Choose ankle leggings with dress or skirt and closed shoe, boots or booties with heel and pointed (not round). If the footwear is the same color as the leggings your legs will look longer and thinner.
If you have very thin legs… If you are narrow you can afford leggings of colors more vivid, printed and flashy. If you have a back or a lot of chest care because the leggings alone can accentuate the disproportion, put on a short skirt with volume.
In the photo gallery we see 3 tricks to wear leggings.