Tips For Decoration Vintage For Your Future Baby Room

They say that the things we see, feel and smell when we are small are that mark us when we are adults.Although all remind us smell and decoration of our first House (the one in which we lived with our parents and siblings), is our room that-without a doubt-best souvenir store.
Whatever the color of the walls or furniture that give life to the nursery, what no doubt is that is a magical inside the housing Assembly as described in smber. A space inhabited by small beings filled with dreams that look to give life to every doll, every Warrior and every illusion. The key to achieve this? Make this room a unique and special place.
First-time dads, moms or dads in distress, grandparents and guardians out fears! That Yes, toca shoot wit, seeking ideas and talk with our children to know what you like most and what less. Choose which style and how to hit? But the choice is yours (and only yours), in Vintage decor we have compiled a series of vintage decoration tips to make your future baby room very but very cozy.
Beware of walls
Find the balance and not to overload are two of the notes referred to in any interior design manual, so it will not be more to take this into account in our future baby, especially on the walls room.
Instead of papering the walls or paint them different colors bet for something simpler, more elegant, and much lighter in sight. Some tricks are only a piece of wall paper or paint some simple mural next to the bed. Details that will make the difference without overwhelm.
Organization first and foremost
In addition to bread, kids bring under arm hundreds of diapers, lots of bibs, gas and other so many plug-ins which are especially necessary in their first months of life. A survival kit that will remove us a relevant space in that room that you want to decorate.
How to enjoy of each small step, each afternoon games or even each diaper change? Choosing furniture that can help us to have it all well organized. Furniture as a sideboard vintage (Nordic types are very beautiful and very effective) or some antique wooden box which help us to keep dirty clothes or the slope of iron.
If you’re more than have it all to view you can choose to place any medium-sized shelf. A trick to give atouch very vintage is to place some other wooden toy.
In search of the special corner
Whether to read a story to our future baby, to see how you sleep or so that it reads when it is older, nothing like creating a special spot that stays with the passage of the years. Take a corner of the room to put some nice color (like our sofa California) sofa and a small lamp. A corner for a unique person.