Tip: Your Personal Signature Handled Easily from Your Phone

When a pdf file on your phone requires your personal doodle, there is no need to either print or startup of the old PC.
In these digital times, there is a huge focus on productivity, particularly by both smartphones and tablets should take over the tasks that were reserved for the computer.
In this context, we cannot avoid our handwritten signature, which is used to confirm trades, rental property, appointments etc. The majority are flasket up with ball pen as a tool for this, but why, however, print out, when you can do it all from your smartphone or tablet.
That is precisely why our site ready to show how it can be done, even without a stylus. This time we use the app “Acrobat Reader”, which can be downloaded free for iOS here and for Android here. 
Today I show the process, as it might appear on the iPad:
I’ve “cheated a bit from home”, and written a letter in writing program Pages. I now add my signature in Acrobat Reader app, which I already have downloaded.
-In Pages app, press button I on the sharing icon and select “open in another app”.
-Which format do I choose “PDF”.
-Now press I saw on “Select app” and then “open in Adobe Reader”.
-When the file opens in Adobe Reader app pressing I on the icon at the top of the app.
-Then on the icon that looks like an old fountain pen (signature).
-On the screen will now say ‘ push to the place you want to add your signature “, so I do.
-Obtained now a large field in which I can write my signature. I quit on the “Archives”.
-I can name my “Author name” so that the app store my signature. Today I choose instead “Skip”.
-When I press the signature is there going to be more customization, and I can of course move the signature around as I will.
-When everything is in place, press I on the arrow at the top right.
-Of course I can then share the PDF file with other apps, or email it directly to the desired recipient.
Now we are hopefully a step closer, to be smart in a hurry.