Tip: the HomeSlice-App Is a Social Network for You and Your 'Roomies'

When kept track of the apartment’s expenses and miscellaneous chores, comes the social network app HomeSlice, to the rescue.
When students in search of opportunity, it’s often for sharing with strangers “roommates”. Since we do not know each other beforehand, also at startup made agreements in relation to procurement, cleanup, etc.
It is, however, not everyone who is just interested in raising student incomes for a joint budget, when traded into. Some want instead to buy small in, for then to collect the money from each other, even though it obviously can end in a mess.
This is precisely why our site found a free, social app that can help keep track of communications between you. The app is called “HomeSlice”, and can be downloaded to the iPhone and for Android (BETA).
A minus, however, is that the app is in English, which are important for valuta’en, but you’re fresh to try it off anyway, so let us get started!
Today we are showing Setup from an iPhone.
-As at boot time by so many other apps on iOS devices, so the app would like to send you push notifications. Do you want to get these, you must press “OK”.
Note: remember that you are on iOS devices can subsequently adapt these messages from your apps.You see how here.
-Now we have created a user for the app, and press “Sign up”. Then you must enter your user name and desired password.
-You will now be greeted by seven pages that tells a little about the app’s functionality. You can skip forward at any time, by pressing the “skip (x)” in the upper right corner.
-Now we have created your “Home” so that other “roommates” can connect to. Therefore press “Create New Home”
-Also here it may not be easier nænsten. Find on a “Home Nickname” (nicknames), and add a “Home” Code (password) as other “roommates” also must get.
-So we are ready, and you now want to land on your new “wall”, a bit like we know it from Facebook. So it is here that you will be able to see all the posters and via button at the top of the left corner post new.
At the bottom you will find four buttons. Furthest to the left is the “Home” that shows the aforementioned “wall”. Then comes the “Supplies” (Photionary.com), “Chores” (chores “and” Bills “(bills).
-On each of the latter three pages you will find some default-topics. You can add new, by tapping on the icon at the top of the left, or delete the current by keeping your finger on the subject and then press the (x)
Sample: If you look to the home inventory on a topic is low, then you should pull the green triangle over on the right side, at which point it become red.
-Then there will be on the wall that in missing (Out Of) the topic.
-If you are shopping, and here has purchased the item, drag the red triangle back in place. Then POPs a window in which you can add Cost: (amount). Enter the amount, and then press the “OK”
Do you have authorized “push notifications” on startup of the app will automatically appear on your phone, the messages out need to have the app open.
And would you not having to put inside with cash, so consider using Danske Bank MobilePay-solution that is free for everyone until January 2016.