Tip: Keynote Presentations Can Be Controlled Directly from Your iPhone

Forget about handwritten notes to the presentation that you want to sit right in the closet when you can use your iPhone instead.
Most presentations often consist of unimaginative PowerPoint slides and a stack of handwritten notes, which can get even interesting content to seem sleep-inducing.
Our site is instead poised to show how you can control it all from your iPhone or iPad, and even view your notes from the presentation directly on the screen.
The whole fuss requires, among other things, that you’re using Keynote app, there is, of course, is Apple’s answer to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Also, you must be on the same Wifi as the device you want to control the presentation from.
Keynote is free for all iOS devices purchased after 1. September 2013 and can be downloaded here. You are not the owner of the new Apple gear, the app will cost 65 kr, which is still reasonable for a full-blooded presentation app.
Well, lets get started.
-You now need to open your Keynote presentation on the device with which you later want to control.
Today, we use an iPad.
-Then start the same Keynote app on the iPhone, and can in the upper-left corner of the view a little icon that shows a mobile with a play icon in front of. Now press it.
As it now appears, so you can “use your iPhone as a remote for that presentation on a Mac, iPad or iPhone“.
-Press “continue”.
-You must now back on the iPad, and tap the Tools icon and then selecting “Presentation tools”
-Now select the “allow remote control”.
-Now shows iPhone up, and you must now press “Connect”.
-On the iPad there will now be a four-digit password, which at the same time shows up on the iPhone. If the code is the same on both devices, then you acknowledge by pressing the “Confirm”
-So you’re completely ready to put the presentation started. Therefore press “play”.
Now work your iPhone as a remote for Keynote presentation on iPad.
In the upper part of the image (Preview) can you swype from your “slides” and bottom view the notes as fit for the purpose.
Then there is shown only back to wish good luck with your next presentation!