Tip: Give Some Time For Jeans

The jeans have become so common in our life that is almost unthinkable to delete it from our wardrobe, especially after he became a piece accepted, even on the desktop, but once in a while is a good exercise in style and creativity give a break to the old denim and try the options in tailoring you are beautiful , elegant and comfortable.
Many brands not only investing in tailoring, as they create models made exclusively for use outside the social cool details costume, extra pockets, more resistant materials and trim differentiated, thought to who will use the piece for everything imaginable within the urban setting, from skateboarding to go to a club.
So our tip is: even if you’re not a fan of tailoring, consider inserting a piece of this type in your repertoire, is the kind of clothing that can totally change the way your dress and still counting points on style. Need I say more?
In the picture we use as an example we have the tailoring pants paired with a leather jacket and a t-shirt, two completely XXL jeans bought from fashionxenia, if you don’t wish to use a shoe, some models of minimalist shoes, as the slip-on, look great with this type of clothing, keeping attention on top of the look.