Tiny Tower, One of The Games Most Downloaded IOS Comes to Android

One of the most popular games of iOS, Tiny Tower, game that has achieved in iOS several million downloads, reaching more than a few months to Androy Birds as iTunes most downloaded game, finally gets to reach Android, showing the interest and the need to not close to any mobile operating system and be in many more terminals best developers.
The game is the typical time management game, But unlike many of which we find in the Android Market or on pages such as Facebook and Google +, does not have social components that many may find it annoying and sometimes a nuisance which brings into play the patience of other people. The game needs Internet access, but only to check the time, that if we do modifications exaggerated in the terminal clock will if we set the time we have to do a long wait to continue taking advantage of the game.
For those who have not had the good fortune to play the version of iOS or for those who did not know of its existence, in the game we will have to take care of manage a skyscraper with several apartments and businesses. To do this we must go building several floors and give them a specific functionality. We will need residential flats to accommodate employees and businesses to obtain money to expand the building.
We will have to assign employees to each business, divided by its sector, as restoration, creative and services. But not only that, each employee has a level of skill with each sector and that you like most, has a dream job that is exceptionally hacil. How much better are the employees responsible for each business, less it will cost us refuel us products to earn money.
Although we will not only have the business, the lift will be a fundamental part of the Tower, since according to pass the time, different people will enter and ask that you take them to a floor in concrete, and if it is a residential flat floor that teng any free square, that’s when it joins a new resident and employee, as well as other VIP characters that give special bonuses. It also has its special currency, but getting them is very simple task and will allow us quite regularly speed up obtaining stock, sales, construction of new flats or new residents to join.
No doubt we are to one of the best executed game that we can find us in the Android Market and its fame in the App Store is not for less. Sometimes I could become a little tedious waiting, but the system of the lift for extra income is very.

Tiny Tower Version 1.3.3

  • Version of Android: Since 2.0
  • Developer: Mobage
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free
  • Category: Games